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ZTE Merit Z990G - After Root Issues - Email, Internal Memory,Support

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  1. Marikafaye

    Marikafaye Member

    I followed the instructions for rooting my Straighttalk ZTE Merit Z990G written by jcase. The phone is rooted and I do have superuser on it. I also have Apps2sd pro and no bloat which I used to remove preinstalled apss that I dont use... I had been focusing on how to get the apps moved to the sd card in order to free up internal memory. It seems no matter what I do I cannot move any apps and the low on space message remains. Right now according to apps2sd pro the phone has a total of 162.5 mb with only 11.54 mb available ! I have an 8gb sd card installed which is not getting utilized! Now in the last hour I have relaized that my email and gmail are no longer working!

    So basically I need 2 things - 1. How to get my email working again on my phone and 2. how to get the apps moved to sd card

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you:confused:

  2. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I don't know anything about apps2SD I use link2SD. Easiest things to do is factory reset with a WiFi connection download tweaker and have it I just drove APN settings. Then download link2SD and give it root permission.Restart. Use the menu button to mount scrip & adjust the app settings to store to SD card.

    Now download your app.
  3. valueforvalue

    valueforvalue Well-Known Member

    @marika I meant to tell you something last night that I forgot about. When you remove system apps with titanium backup, after you have removed all that you are going to for a given time make sure that you clean the dalvik cache. You can do that by opening titanium backup and hitting the menu button and then tapping more. It should free up quite a bit of space. The dalvik cache is stored on your internal memory not in the system so when you remove system apps with titanium or whatever the dex files that are associated with them just stay in the dalvik cache and waste space.
  4. Russ71

    Russ71 Well-Known Member

    To move system apps, you should link instead IMO, the apps have to be converted to USER apps first. TiBU can convert them and move them. But, some system apps don't function the same when converted or moved entirely. Always make a backup before changing the app, if it acts weird or it's icon disappears, you can restore it with TiBU.
    When I moved Gmail to the SD, I didn't get email pushed to the phone. I put it back on the phone, then linked it. Works perfect.
  5. hi5five

    hi5five Well-Known Member

    thats the hard part moving them and getting them to work correctly and getting the corrent space back.

    I deleted all the app that I could REDOWNLOAD from the market. The let link2sd do the rest.
  6. killerztemerit

    killerztemerit New Member

    try droldsail app2sd light and titanium backup
  7. napalm6283

    napalm6283 Member

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