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Zte Optik USB CableGeneral

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  1. Ryouz

    Ryouz Member

    Hello, im users of ZTE Optik. My usb cable for data and charging is broken, so i need to find the replacement. My problem is, i cant find any usb cable for my ZTE optik. I dont want to buy the 26 dollar sprint ZTE optik cable, so i seek for your help if anyone can provided me some option, maybe using another after market cable that fit with my Optik. I try the asus transformer. It fits, but it wont charge.


  2. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    Try this. May find something here cheaper.
    ZTE Optik V55 Cables Store | *********
  3. Ryouz

    Ryouz Member

  4. john1986

    john1986 Guest

    Hey Ryouz i too have the same problem with optik even im looking for usb data cable for charging, me too looking for a replacement so in this case have u called up the manufactures is ur optik still under warranty ?if so wat the manufactures said? Pls do help me out I just saw ur posting today!

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