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ZTE-Racer Factory Reset / Flash Method When Locked Out

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  1. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Well-Known Member

    Well my phone went and locked itself today for some reason :S , i had my normal patten and it dident expect it , i filled out my google details and still lockout i have to take it down to the 3 store this weekend :( they send it away to be flashed , is there a way to flash it myself or with a hard reset

  2. gagan313

    gagan313 Member

    mate this is really what i want to find out. i bricked my phone with this same problem.
    now i bricked my zte racer and im looking for a way for it to be re-flashed or a hard reset.
    but now im using a backup which ok for a backup but the wifi dosnt work and it isn't rootable.
    go to this link to find out how to do it. Make sure you do everything it says.

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