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Zte score

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  1. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Anyone pick up this phone yet?
    If so,what are your 1st impressions?

  2. Mesu Gitsune

    Mesu Gitsune Member

    I just picked one up a couple days ago, since my Ascend took a ride in the washing machine

    It is quite impressive for a $90 phone. It puts my $100 Ascend to shame in the performance department.

    With a multitouch screen, a Dedicated GPU (Adreno 200) and 412MB of RAM, a pretty sleek design, and a 3.5mm headset/headphone jack, this is a fantastic Entry level Android. Games run wonderfully, and plays games the Ascend couldn't.

    Only had the phone for 2 days, so I am still figuring out how well all the features work.

    Build quality could be better, Speakerphone, and Rumble motor don't have quite the quality my Ascend had. Volume is really low for ringing and notifications, so having Vibrations always on is a must when it is in your pocket, cause the slightest obstruction of the speaker hole kills the volume.
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  3. fendlay

    fendlay New Member

    This is my point where we should be able to use the phones that we want to try to get to see how everything works. Instead of just buying the phone and then you don't end up liking it, your screwed.
  4. Mesu Gitsune

    Mesu Gitsune Member

    This phone needs its own forums.

    Well since I have had the phone for a while now I will give my second opinion.

    First here are the cons.

    Netflix runs, but videos are completely unwatchable.

    The speaker is weak as all hell, full volume in your pocket, and if you are not listening for it, you won't hear it.
    The rumble motor is also weak, if the phone is in my front pocket, in tight pants, and I still can't feel it and only hear it, there is a problem.

    Build quality isn't to good either, I still find myself having to press the power button multiple times, battery back doesn't sit completely flush in some corners. Buzzing and popping in headphones when plugged in with no audio playing. Also the proximity sensor has such a short range, and doesn't react fast enough, it turns the screen on in the middle of a call if you are not holding the phone right, I have already accidently hung up a few calls, and muted some too.

    Camera is utter garbage, only good for shooting cheap quick videos, and not good at all in low light areas.

    The multi-touch screen only registers 2 touches at once, and doesn't seem to like Swype in a very specific spot on the lower left-hand side of the screen.

    Now here are the Good points of the phone.

    Youtube runs better than it does on the Ascend, it can easily play videos over 15min on high quality without running into RAM issues, and plays them in decent quality too.

    Built in tethering, and works very well, but it seems recently Cricket is charging for tethering now, which is complete horse****, charging us for stuff our phone can do out of the box, what next? Charging us for using Google Navigator?

    It can play many games that require hardware acceleration, and play them very well. Here is the list I have tried.

    -The Sims 3
    -NFS: Shift
    -Angry Birds (All 3 versions)
    -Impossible Games (Both Versions
    -Plants vs Zombies
    -Cut the Rope
    -Bejewled 2
    -EA's Release of Tetris
    -Paper Airplane 2


    Ok, would I recommend the phone? Anything over $80 total for the phone and activation and tax, I would say is pushing it.

    I feel real cheated paying $111 to some Indian for the Phone, that was including tax and activation. But it was the cheapest android they had, and my Huawei Ascend was run through the wash forcing me to buy a new one.

    So far, I am content with it, I don't have the money to upgrade.
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  5. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    I noticed that about there not being a forum for this phone. You can request a new forum here:

    Suggestion Box & Feedback - Android Forums

    Or try PM-ing a mod or Phases (admin)
  6. knifeguy68

    knifeguy68 New Member

    I have really been enjoying mine. Got it for 69 dollars. The move music plan is really nice. I think the build quality is pretty good as well. I have a protective case for it.

    For me the ring volume is fine. I make my ring tones from the muve music ring tone maker.

    Battery Life could be better but juice defender helps with that.
  7. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums! Glad to hear you are happy with your new phone! Hope to see you around the forums.
  8. knifeguy68

    knifeguy68 New Member

    Appreciate that.
  9. Mesu Gitsune

    Mesu Gitsune Member

    *Post Deleted by user*
  10. Mesu Gitsune

    Mesu Gitsune Member

    Anyone know how to install the Clockwork Recovery Mod to the Score?

    Also, is there anyway to fully install Apps to the SD card, and NOT the internal? I have countless games and apps, but not nearly the Internal Storage to have them all installed.

    EDIT: Found the Answer to both.

    Installing Clockwork Recovery Mod on the Score.

    Link2sd works great on the Score, have every game and App I have purchased, and still have 20+MB of memory left. God that Internal storage is tiny -_-
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  11. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Hey, I just noticed you guys have your own forum now. No posts in it yet, but here's the link:

    ZTE Score - Android Forums

    Thanks for sharing your info!
  12. leekfd

    leekfd New Member


    When you say it has build-in tethering, what do you mean?
    I tried for several weeks and still unable to get tethering work.
    Can you guide me you got it work?
  13. Cythes

    Cythes Member

    I have had my ZTE since Christmas I love the hell out of it to be honest. It took the place of my MP3 player and my cellphone and put them both under one roof. Even though I have the Muve Music thing on it spent two days trying to get it to run finally did used it to download pumped up kicks then got smart and just put an 8gig card in with my own music on it and acquired what I did not have before that.

    As far as expectations: its an android... I love it and it does what I need it to including running my own apps :)

    Question: What kind of phone is the ZTE Score, also are there any roms out for it yet?
  14. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Glad you are enjoying your phone. You can find more Score owners to talk with at the Score sub forum-
    ZTE Score - Android Forums

    Looks like they have CWM, but I don't see a ROM over there.

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