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  1. Meamia524

    Meamia524 New Member

    Hi, everyone my name is Tamia and I have a few questions about my Merit and hopefully someone can answer.

    1. Is there any possible way to do a system update from gingerbread?

    2.Is rooting possible for the Merit, and if so has it been successful?

    3. Where is the image directory on my SD card?

    4. Everytime I try to connect my phone to my computer it doesn't work and just turns the computer black, I have Windows Vista.

    Hopefully some to all of these questions can be answered, thanks so much :)

  2. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    Hi. Welcome to the merit.

    1. Not yet. There are some different ROMs in the all things root section if you want something different, but no 4.0 yet.
    2. Yes. It is now very simple. Check out all things root, flash a zip with super user and you are good to go.
    3. DCIM/Camera.
    4. No idea. I've used it on xp and 7 fine.
  3. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I'd remove your drivers & try to reinstall them. Check out Android Area51 also. We have a IRC channel for free live tech support.
  4. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    1. the real 4.0 would suck balls on this phone (it only has a 600 MHz CPU, no GPU, and very little RAM) though Out of Ideas has a very fast lookalike that is so close you'd have to really dig deep to know it was still Gingerbread!

    2. Rooting is easy. the ICS lookalike can be flashed as an update.zip and then self-roots the phone

    3. what the last person said. under DCIM/camera

    4. there should be a USB icon on your phone's status bar and/or a screen to enable 'USB transfer' should show. if it causes Vista to reboot or BSoD something is wrong with your computer, not your phone.
  5. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Check the format of the card. It is very unlikly that it isn't FAT32. If it is ext windows hates it & will go into safety mode which is what sounds like what is happening.
  6. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    usually the wrong filesystem type on an SD card will just give Windows a reason to tell me it cannot read it and that it needs to be formatted. it was the same if you had formatted a floppy disk as ext2 in Linux and booted back to Windows 95 and tried to access it. you'd get a 'this disk is not formatted properly, do you want to format it again?' prompt. Windows should not BSoD or self-reboot because you inserted a SD Card with the wrong filesystem type into it.
  7. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Vista is a different beast. Maybe it isn't all of them but the one I had freaked out if I out a SD with exr3 on it in the reader.
  8. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member


    download the zip and follow directions in the thread to root your phone instead of installing a full rom to do it.
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  9. blue_angel

    blue_angel Well-Known Member

    I just watched this and I have to say thank you for clearing this up for me. Up until now, I've been confused about rooting my Zte merit z990g and afraid Id brick it, but you have made it really simple & basically flawless! Thank you once more!!

    Now, Im going to find peace & quiet away from my little ones and attempt to root my phone using this.

  10. tthomas824

    tthomas824 Member

    Is anyone else having trouble downloading the "update.zip" offered from StayBoogy? I've tried to download same file from many threads and keep getting "download unsuccessful"...Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Well-Known Member

    l left mine stock and just downloaded a program called jellybean launcher from google playstore. Gives phone the look without the hassle. Phone does not have the processor speed , rom, or ram to support an os upgrade.

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