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  1. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    At least this is the theory.

    Which in this very phone doesn't reflect the real world behavior, try to set GSM only on SIM2.

    The phone will switch to gsm, then will switch back to WCDMA/GSM in matter of ten seconds.

    At least this is what happen on my phone.

  2. djlotto

    djlotto Member

  3. djlotto

    djlotto Member

    Is it so difficult to root this phone? Does not any internet methods work?

    I want to buy it by TaoBao......taobao 308usd + 42usd vs etotalk 389usd + 34usd

    it is a 73usd difference!!
  4. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    I did it in my car during the the stops at traffic lights.

    just google for


    (one click and one reboot needed)
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  5. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    you are the best. do yuo need same time to do something else....?:D
  6. djlotto

    djlotto Member

    Ok, re-thank you

    So, I will buy it from TaoBao and I will do all of you know my experience.
  7. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    I have the version 1.4 ROM installed, and no problems with sending SMS from sim1 or sim2. What baseband version are you on?

    ZTE U960 Freeze up

    I sometime experiences freeze ups of the system. It simply stops responding to touches or buttons, and I need to take out the battery and put it in again. Does anybody else with the ZTE U960 experience freeze ups of the system?
  8. Muero

    Muero Member

    I had the same issue with v.1.3, but on v1.4 everything is great now...except one thing - it doesn't allow me to use Russian language in android keyboard. Only latin letters are available, no cyrillic letters at all. I know that can use additional keyboards, but keyboards with dictionary are taking too much memory.
  9. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Well-Known Member

    I'm interested to buy it from TaoBao, can saw me the link of witch one did you will bought.

    Did you go to use any intermediate web to buy from TaoBao?

    Thank you
  10. Am2am

    Am2am Member

    In fact it need to be easy , but i didn't understand why no one of methods shown up worked for me. :(
  11. djlotto

    djlotto Member

    Did you try also the solutor's method?
  12. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    This thread began in the thread Best Dual SIM Android Phone?

    The discussion of specific ROM's for the ZTE U960 should continue here.

    Thank you.
  13. Am2am

    Am2am Member

    Some BUGs discovered on U960

    1. USSD on Sim1 mostly not work
    2. SMS from Operator or AD which has no sender number and has only name not possible to get on phone
    3. all SMS received are shown in international format +374..... etc. and it doesn't show the name of Sender , only number , even if sender is in your address book.
    4. 3G video call function is absent ....

    Any ideas ?:confused:
  14. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Already mentioned on earlier posts. USSD commands on SIM1 are working, It's the reply that is not interpreted correctly, so you can do some SIM operations (blindly), but not check your credit, for example.

    true, noticed yesterday. an alternate SMS program like Handcent fix it (always for SIM2, in most cases for SIM1

    For now I duplicated my contacts with or w/o the international prefix, just exported them from gmail, edited and re-imported them. Not a solution but a very quick and easy workaround.

    This is pretty normal for 90% of the smartphones, only the cheap clones and few brand ones have it. Personally I couldn't care less about videocalls
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  15. Am2am

    Am2am Member

    I believe that there is some fixing for it, just need to find the right solution

    You can try one SMS program from the market ICS Messaging (ported from ICS original SMS program) . it correctly shows all contact names in SMS received LOG

    Just wonder , why not have :)
  16. Muero

    Muero Member

    I'm using U960 with etotalk firmware v1.4.
    Here is issues that I have:
    1) cannot receive sms messages from Raiffeisen bank about my account status. Sender hasn't got number, just name "Raiffeisen". On malshenzu forum I received an answer that sms client is ignoring messages from sender without number. Nonsense. Other sms client didn't solve this issue
    2) unable to use Russian alphabet even if it's chosen. Plus in any app capital Russian letter "П" looks weird.
    3) cannot uninstall skype and other cracked software from system even if I use Explorer with Root access. Error message "Unable to delete. Read only access"
    4) time to time status bar and android market are unexpectedly closing. After restarting system I see old notifications about missed calls and other stuff

    Two days ago I asked these questions to etotalk support. Still no answer...
  17. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Yes this is exactly what happen, handcent SMS works for me, altough the sender name is truncated on the last character on SIM 1, no problem on SIM2

    Root is not enough, you have to mount the /system partition in RW mode.

    Or just use titanium backup to delete the unwanted system apps.

    Never happened to me, must be a specific issue of that ROM.
  18. sdraw108

    sdraw108 New Member

    Just got a ZTE U960. For those considering it, it seems pretty decent overall but there are a few niggly annoying problems with it:

    -- As mentioned by someone above, it treats numbers as being different to each other depending on if they're stored with or without international codes. This means you have three choices: (1) store all your numbers in international format. SMS messages will correctly identify the caller ID but calls won't. (2) store them in local format. Incoming calls will identify the caller ID but SMS messages won't. (3) store them both ways for each contact, which is time consuming and error-prone (you don't always remember to do it).

    -- You can tell that the English translations were done by a Chinese person, and this makes the phone feel a bit cheap. For example, when the screen is locked, there is a button for "emergence" instead of "emergency" calls, when you dial someone and it starts ringing, it says "Called is Ring", and one of the profile names (which you can't edit) is "Slient" instead of "Silent"). There are a few other examples which I can't remember right now. There is also no English manual supplied, so you have to figure everything out yourself. This has especially been a problem for me, as I've never had an Android phone previously. Luckily most things are self-explanatory, but I still for example don't know what all the various notification icons mean, and the charts I've googled don't cover all of them.

    -- One of the supplied GPS apps, CoPilot Live, is very unstable. It crashes frequently when you try to use it in "walking" mode, and doesn't ever close properly, needing to be "forced" to close every time. I'm not familiar with Android phones in general though, so this may be the fault of the app and not the phone. It comes with two other GPS apps though (NDrive and Google Maps Navigation), so this is not necessarily a big deal (I haven't yet experimented with the other two).

    -- MMI codes don't work on both SIMs, which is annoying as my network provider uses codes (e.g. *100#) for checking balances and allowances.

    -- You can't have separate profiles for each SIM. My reason for wanting a dual sim phone was because I previously had separate work and personal phones and I wanted to merge them. But that also means that I would like to be able to silence my work phone outside of office hours whilst still having it ring on my personal SIM. That isn't possible. Either the whole phone is silent, or the whole phone rings. You can however have different ring tones on each SIM, so planning to look into the possibility of adding a ringtone which contains no sound, as a workaround. There's no obvious way to add new ringtones, but I haven't spent much investigating this yet.

    -- Contacts are saved by default into a gmail account, with no way to change this (e.g. so that it saves to the phone), and the phone comes already set up with an Etotalk gmail account, which so far I've not been able to remove and replace with my own (if you try, a popup states that a factory reset is the only way to do it). Because I know that this phone didn't work with google apps at all until recently, I'm reluctant to mess around with what is obviously a workaround Etotalk have applied. But I'm not happy about the phone being permenantly linked to a Chinese supplier's gmail account.

    Apart from those issues, I'm pleased with it. Most of the dual-sim functionality works very well, with the only major exception being the lack of separate profiles. All calls, call log entries and SMS messages have a "1" or a "2" in their icons to represent which SIM they've originated from, and when you dial or send an SMS, you are presented with two dial/send buttons. Someone else in this thread mentioned that 3G only works on SIM2, but as my SIM2 is the one with a data plan, I haven't yet tried it on SIM1 to confirm this.
  19. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Not a solution but adjusting/duplicating the numbers using the exported vcf is matter of few seconds with a good txt editor.

    true, called is ring is terrible..:)

    Frangly I believe this is the very last problem, manage android is matter of few hours, the web is plenty of infos, and BTW most of the android phones are coming w/o a manual, this is true also for windows linux and most of the well known operating systems.
    you should really delete it and buy a decent and not cracked app, I use iGO and works well as in any other phone I had before, altough the almost instant fix seen on the ZTE phone was not so common.

    they are working perfectly for me on SIM2, BTW I've updated the baseband and the rom

    You must admit that yours is a strange request.

    What's the point to have one of the sim reachable but silent ?

    If you don't want the calls from one of the two SIMs just turn it off

    You cant remove the first gmail account on an android phone w/o wiping it.

    I strongly suggest to do it and to start the configuration from scratch.

    Obviously the Europen 3G works only on SIM2.

    SIM1 has 3G too, but in the chinese flavour, used in china only
  20. Muero

    Muero Member

    What baseband and rom did you use?
    Can you upload it to rapidshare or somewhere else?
  21. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    It's already included in the rom package uploaded earlier.

    (You need XP32 to install it)
  22. Am2am

    Am2am Member

  23. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    It's a baseband file, I haven't tried it (yet). I'm not sure if it's an updated version or just an hacked one to let the chinese people to use the wcdma network.
  24. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    I found the application ErazzerFree.apk that deleted for me the first gmail account.
    I hope it can work also for you.
  25. sdraw108

    sdraw108 New Member

    True, but that requires regularly updating the phone via a PC, if you tend to collect numbers when you're out and about (which I do a fair amount, because of work).

    Yes, sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I meant that it works on one SIM but not the other.

    It's quite simple, actually. One of my phones (the one I like to silence sometimes) is a work phone. This is so that it doesn't constantly disturb me when I'm relaxing at home in the evening and/or weekends, as I tend to get a lot of phone calls on it due to the nature of my work. At the same time, I do need to be able to stay on top of things in case there is a genuine emergency I need to respond to, so I will glance at my phone from time to time (every 1 or 2 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less) to look at the call log and text messages. I can then decide whether or not to respond to them. This would be extremely inconvenient if I was constantly having to turn the SIM on and off, plus messages don't come through instantly when you first turn a SIM on.

    I'm worried about doing this. It was only very recently that Etotalk got gmail working on their phone, and they set up the account as an extra service you have to pay for. There are users who have commented on their site that they were unable to add gmail accounts themselves, and I don't have the technical experience to know how Etotalk have done it.

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