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ZTE U960 ROM Discussion

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  1. bordapapa

    bordapapa Active Member

    I don't know if this was mentioned in the forum, but I'd like to share a few MMI codes that I find useful.

    To set the GSM mode for each SIM:

    *983*01# for the first SIM, GSM only is advised, because as far as I know, there are no TD-SCDMA networks in Europe. So that's why the SIM1 is only 2G.

    *983*02# for the second SIM, here WCDMA preferred is OK, so it can switch between 2G and 3G based on coverage.

    Another few useful codes are manage CLIR (identity restriction)

    check status : *#31#
    disable sending number to others : *31#
    enable sending number to others : #31#
    temporary CLIR (only for next call) : #31#phone_number
    call number whit disabled CLIR: *31#phone_number

  2. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Those are basically useless, try to force the SIM2 in 2G, it switches in 2G and then it will switch back to auto in few seconds
  3. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    I just saw at malshenzu that it seems to be a 2B07 baseband out there. Anybody here already got it? I hardly can read anything at malshenzu. Also I don't have an user account so I cannot see if tehre are any downloads available.

    As I'm still troubling with SIM1 I will try any new baseband version.
  4. bordapapa

    bordapapa Active Member

    I haven't tried to use SIM2 in 2G mode yet, so that's new for me. It kinda sucks. :p
    But setting SIM1 to GSM only mode might help to conserve battery, because that way it won't scan for TD-SCDMA networks.
  5. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Sure it it worked was surely a good thing.

    Try to install battery monitor widget, it has a TEST button meant to launch phone's eng mode application.

    You can access the Sim settings and you can see that the setting isn't working for sim 1 too.
  6. bordapapa

    bordapapa Active Member

    Any idea how to make it permament?
    I think it is controlled by the baseband, and not on the OS level.
    Maybe we can expect some kind of fix from ZTE...
  7. nothingman76

    nothingman76 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the baseband 2B07 from malshenzu and you can find it here
    It's a .pac file and I think it can be installed with the research download program
    I didn't try to install it since I'm on holiday and I don't want to mess my phone...:)
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  8. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    I think i solved the problem, after updating i restored my settings with titaniumbackup, and i think thats what gave me the error.

    I found this tread explaning how to clear out BT data and then did an new pair, and that seems to have fixed my problems.

    The instructions on how to clear the data is here:

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  9. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    Allright, i now had a few calls, and one interresting observation, the problem is only there when the call is on sim1 everything on sim2 is fine.

    Any ideas on how to fix this ?
  10. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    Thank you!
    I got it today also directly from etotalk and installed it through research downloader. You can download it here: 2b07.rar - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download
    Update went fine so far. Phone is working good but no solution for my SIM1 problem.

    I didn't find any difference to 2B06 but of course it is also only installed now for some hours. Looks stable so far.

    I will have to wait for next baseband and hope to finally find a solution then.
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  11. nothingman76

    nothingman76 Well-Known Member

    Any improvement with the volume when using the headphone? I found the volume very low with headphones especially when I'm in a noise place...
    Thanx for your feedback
  12. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    where i find "research downloader"
  13. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    post 65
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  14. bszaki

    bszaki Member

    Could somebody explain how can I use research downloader?

  15. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    read the included readme.
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  16. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    I will try updating my phone now, since updating to b06 have renderede bluetooth on sim1 useless.
    I am hoping this will fix it :confused:
  17. mkh

    mkh Active Member

    Hi all,

    Can someone explain me the difference between baseband, rom, Kernel, .pac file.

  18. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    which website u purchase zte u960.?
  19. mkh

    mkh Active Member


    I purchase it from Etotalk for 299$ + shipping

  20. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    i think 2b06 rom already installed in your zte u960.

    Solutor every second dual sim 3g mobile on etotalk about 999$.i think they look like same zte u960 but why they so costly.
  21. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    LOL:D It is only because they are not released / in stock yet, and that etotalk dont have the sales price yet... ;) So they just put 999$...
  22. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    So then, I'll give it a try:

    ROM: basically this is the operating system including the standard programs. It is provided in different forms. For U960 I see actually two different ROM versions.
    Version 1 is the OneClickUpdater (the ROM is updated by a program routine running under WinXP).
    Version 2 is updating the ROM through an update.zip-file. You can update these files through recovery menu (when powering on the phone hold "vol+"-button).
    When updating the ROM in most cases all data will be lost. So better prepare a backup before updating.
    The ROM is divided into several parts:
    - system
    - data
    - somtimes also baseband

    Kernel: This is only the basic part of the ROM and normally can be updated without influencing the rest of the system. All data under normal circumstances will still be there. So compared with ROM it will overwrite some files from system.

    baseband: That's the part of the ROM where the connection to networks is described. So baseband is the part that makes your phone working with networks like GSM, WLAN, bluetooth etc. Baseband is rarely updated through standard ROM-updates. At U960 there are again two ways of updating.
    Version 1 is through the OneClickUpdater. This will update more than just the baseband but also everything else so take care.
    Version 2 is updating the baseband with the Research downloader. This is a windows-XP-based program that only updates the baseband. The update files for the research downloader are the mentioned .pac-files.

    .pac-files: Update file for the baseband. For updating the Researach Downloader program is needed.

    I hope I got everything. The explanation shall not fulfill the maximum technical correctness but shall help to understand the different parts for Newbies. So If there's anything wrong just help me to explain it in a better way :D
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  23. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    please tell me what is the ram with "overclock"and ram without"overclock"
  24. mkh

    mkh Active Member

    @weimerd : thanks for your explain. it is perfect.

    Really happy to be member of this forum

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  25. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    Of course the ROM is meant there. "Overclocking" means normally to override CPU settings so that the CPU is running at a higher frequency.

    for the U960 this means: It is made with a 1Ghz CPU. You can overclock it to 1.2Ghz or even 1.4Ghz. CPUs are mass products with tolerances. 1Ghz is guaranteed by the producer. This means that many CPUs will even work at a higher speed. But take care: Your phone can become unstable due to the CPU is not accepting the speed or will become too hot.

    Raising the CPU speeds is mostly not working without also letting the RAM frequency running faster. So also this can result in unstable systems.

    At the end everybody should know that overclocking can seriously damage your phone as you are using it out of producers specifications.

    To overclock the U960 you only need to update the Kernel so you can overclock without losing all your data.

    With baseband 2B03 I overclocked to 1.4Ghz without problems.
    with baseband 2B06 and 2B07 my phone became unstable at 1.4Ghz so I use actually a Kernel at 1Ghz.

    Hope I could help you. Again: This is a simple explanation and is not meant to be technically 100% perfect.
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