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  1. pedrito

    pedrito New Member

    Thanks for these clarifications, did you experience any change in battery life when overclocking to 1,4 Ghz?
    another point is unclear to me: specs show 850/2100 Ghz for 3G, when similar phones use 900/2100 Ghz, is it upgradable by baseband change or is it an h/w feature?

  2. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Download 2B06 upto 2b07.zip

    I've mirrored the update package published by LadyGeGe (thanks) meant to update the ROM and kernel from 2b06 to 2b07.

    Haven't tried it, yet.
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  3. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    I experienced a shorter battery life at 1.4Ghz what is quite normal as at 1.4Ghz the power consumtion of the CPU is higher.

    some are even underclocking the phone (which means you take a kernel with 800Mhz for example) in order to raise battery life.

    About the frequency question regarding 3G I don't know. I did not run into problems with 3G so far. In Germany and in China it is working fine and fast.
  4. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    Thanks for the download link. I directly gave it a try. Works same like before - no change recognizable. I wonder if there's a change log of 2B07.

    Still waiting for a real baseband update. Tomorrow I will start playing arround with htc t238w wind but nevertheless wait until we have a final solution for th u960 and Sim1.
  5. lli

    lli Active Member

    Is this needed?
    Does the battery last a day (with mail-polling and 30-60min of internet)?
  6. hmvs

    hmvs Active Member

    Hi guys.
    Will "Research downloader" erase all my data with update to 2b07, or i should not worry about backups ?
  7. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    "Research downloader" doesn't touch anything in the android section of the phone.
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  8. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    This is not needed but everyone can choose what to do by his own. It's a free world :D

    My U960 is working for nearly 36 hours with strong usage. Kernel is at 1 Ghz and baseband 2B07. I use etotalk 1.6a ROM as basic.
  9. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

  10. nothingman76

    nothingman76 Well-Known Member

    the update it's called "from 2b06 to 2b07" so obviously you can't update from catty 1.5.0...
    you need to update to 2b06 and then you can use this update
  11. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    You can, although is possible to have unsuspected results in some areas.

    It's just a new kernel and a bunch of new apps
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  12. auktionadm

    auktionadm Well-Known Member

    Hello community! I got my ZTE U960 with Chinese language today.

    Now I want to flash ICS multilanguage as soon as possible.

    Therefor I ask the question again if anyone know a release date of ICS
  13. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    I guess release date will be somewhen in July. But nobody will tell you which year :D

    Honestly I think as they are still troubling with the baseband they will not invest time in developing for ICS now. This is just what I heard so of course we all hope ICS will revealed soon. But something inside me tells me it will at least take a looooong time.:rolleyes:
  14. nothingman76

    nothingman76 Well-Known Member

    did you installed some app to reduce battery usage? My phone cannot work for more than 12/13 hours with medium usage (about 10 mail received, about 60 minutes of 3g Internet using opera mobile and Facebook, and about 40 minutes of call).
    I'm using rom 2b07 with baseband 2b07

  15. weimerd

    weimerd Member

    Take for example android system info. It seems there is some task that is stressing the CPU. I don't remember what rom it was but I had this with ADW Launcher. so I switched to another launcher: Problem was gone.
  16. abynk

    abynk Active Member

    Hi All,
    As I haven't seen the phone yet shall I ask some questions

    1 Is the Catty62 rom best stable rom available?
    2 What is the benefit of 2B07, or any other baseband?
    3 Is the Phone in a usable stage when arrives from etotalk?
    4 my previous phone is HTC desire, how is u960 compares with HTC?


  17. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

  18. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    On any mobile phone the bigger part of the battery consumption is due to the 3G connection.

    And this is variable depending on the network tipe, on the firmware installed on the towers, on the towers maker and so on.

    When I had the Milestone 1 or the N900, they were both used to last 24h using three.it, but only 6/8h using vodafone.it

    I'm sure the same is applicable to theU960 too.
  19. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    Hi, I have done a new rom starting from the 2B06 integrating the update from Ladygege (thank)
    Have done some tranlations (Danish German Spanish French Russian although some translations have been done with google so try to understand a few mistakes ...:eek:)
    In the rom there is the OC 1.4GHz kernel and the init.d enabled with some scripts.
    In the xbin dir there is v6sc.sh, if you want install it just execute by terminal or via adb.
    As usual, the intallation of the Rom is done at your own risk and hazard...;)
    This is the link to ZTE-U960_2B07-20120611 - catty.zip on 4shared
    This is the link to ZTE-U960_2B07-20120611 - catty.zip on depositfiles


    In the photo there is the last benchmark I done yesterday
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  20. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member


    Could you mirror it on a site that doesn't require a registration.

    I'm still not to happy to register myself on every website in the world unless I'm really forced to.
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  21. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    before installtion 2b07 can i wipe my zte u960?
  22. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    Edited previous post ... ;)
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  23. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    the my install zip wipe the data partition ... ;)
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  24. bordapapa

    bordapapa Active Member

    There seems to be a problem with the ROM, at least on my phone. I've wiped everything, data, cache, dalvik cache, but after flashing the update, it seems that not all system apk-s were installed, even that they are present in the zip file, the most annoying is that the settings.apk is missing too, so no settings for me. I guess it is possible that the permissions are not right, so the system apps are there, but I don't have permission to run them, I'll try to dig into it, but maybe there is some problems with the zip itself.
  25. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    the settings.apk is missing too,and volume button for wakeup phone also not working.and not new .apk applications install in this rom.
    for setting.apk 1st install catty62 rom 1.5,0 then install http://www.datafilehost.com/download-8154d027.html after this
    my zte u960 running very well.

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