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  1. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    #1 Wiping the phone doesn't mean to lose the gapps, just the configurations.

    #2 Installing the gapps on a rom that lacks them is pretty easy rightnow

    #3 personally, although my two main mailboxes are both managed by gmail, I don't mind to use the gmail client. I access them via the exchange protocol and the email app, better if the cyanogen style email client: custom color for each mailbox, availability of a single place to read the email from multiple mailboxes, etc... (that mail client is included in the ROM i published, but you can get it from any cyanogen 7 ROM)

  2. howdoyouknow

    howdoyouknow Member

    I had the same issue when i got my phone. Wasn't sure about deleting the gmail account as i wasn't sure what would happen if i did. i got fed up getting email notifications and restored the phone to default. once the phone rebooted i had to setup my own gmail account and everything worked fine. all the google apps were still there and working.

    Also in reply to the sim1 3g not working mines is i have my meteor sim in slot 1 and the 3g works fine on it
  3. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

  4. howdoyouknow

    howdoyouknow Member

    meteor is one of the irish network suppliers.
  5. djlotto

    djlotto Member

    I contacted a TaoBao agent and he told me this

    "the seller told me they don't support cracking for Europe use,because they found that the system wasn't stabilized after cracked,and there were customer service problems.and now they cancel this kind of service."

    in your opinion, is it true?

    is it difficult to settle as WCDMA?

    Thank you

  6. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    I know what Meteor is. It's an EUROPEAN provider who use the WCDMA network, how is possible it is working using the TD-SCDMA slot ?

    Is something like putting gasoline on a diesel car.
  7. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Afaik the WCDMA bandlock is only for the chinese territory, I'm not sure if there is an additional sim lock on sim 1.

    It's note easy to have this info, as all the seller are located in china and consequently they are affected by the WCDMA lock.
  8. hidefault123

    hidefault123 Member

    1) I have the problem that after some time the data access over the mobile network is no longer possible. After turning on the phone I can use the 3G data transfer. But after some time (and switching the data access on and off as needed) it no longer turns on the data access. Rebooting the phone or selecting anew "preferred network" as network operator solves the problem.
    Anybody already had this problem? How to solve it?
    I am still on Etotalk's B13 V.1.4.
  9. djlotto

    djlotto Member

    so, if i want to buy a zte U960 by TaoBao, a cheaper one than Etowalk version, what must I ask to the TaoBao's supplier?

    It must be unlocked.........but unlocked to use WCDMA or not? Only two GSM lines?

    What does it mean "unlocked"?

    Only unlocked by Unicom or something else?

    Thank you

  10. hidefault123

    hidefault123 Member

    I want to give The Solutor's ROM a go but I never flashed a ROM before. What is the best way to do it? Is there a program to backup my current ROM (Etotalk v.1.4) and install the new one?

  11. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    With the included recovery (you need to install it only once, if not already installed)

    Is there a program to backup my current ROM (Etotalk v.1.4)

    You can backup and restore the whole phone with the recovery (some thing of Norton gost, or acronis drive image on PCs) and/or use titanium backup from android to restore just the data and the downloaded apps (something like the windows backup program).

    IMO is better to backup in both ways to be more sure and to have two different way to restore.
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  12. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    I believe there isn't a good way rightnow, likely they just don't know exactly how (and if) the phone is locked.

    That's the problem, there are a number of different possible locks on phones, and a phone can be locked in one or more ways.

    #1 SIM lock: the phone will accept only one SIM

    #2 Operator lock: the phone will accept all the SIMs from a specific provider, is the more common kind of lock

    #3 Band lock: the phone will limit the network functionality depending on the sim inserted and/or the region.

    For example: my Droid 2 Global (which is a dual standard CDMA/GSM phone ) had two kind of locks, GSM/WCDMA are working only outside the US AND the phone accepted only SIMs from Verizion.

    I removed only the latter because the former doesn't affect me (I'm not in the US).

    With a dual standard AND dual SIM phone the 3 kind of lock can be applied separately on the two SIMs, so both, asking the question and replying to it, are more complicated matters.

    I'm sure the ZTE is band locked for WCDMA on slot 2 for chinese territory, this kind of lock doesn't affect the people living on the rest of the world.

    I'm not sure if there is an additional SIM lock on SIM 1, if present this will be a problem (likely a problem easy to solve, but surely a problem).
  13. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    For the record I have an updated baseband that fixes the problem with the Vodafone Italy SIMs.

    I packaged it with the needed drivers and flasher SW, and I translated the instruction in (poor :D ) english.

    Possibly that baseband could fix other network problems you may have.

    Should work with any ROM.

    Download U960-Fixed-Baseband.7z
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  14. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Found this RAM hack with a Chinese 2B03 ROM I downloaded. I have flashed it on my B13 rom (etotalk 1.4) and it seems to work fine - boosted my avalible memory (RAM) from 370 MB to 397 MB. :)

    It can be downloaded here. Simply flash the .zip from recovery.

    Note: Make sure to backup first, and apply at own risk!
  15. djlotto

    djlotto Member

    Ok, thank you very much

    I will wait until the end of March and then I will decide if to buy ZTE by Etowalk or something else.....

    Today the price is 369usd + shipping
  16. alex1299

    alex1299 New Member

    ussd on sim1 still doesn't work.
  17. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Yes, still not solved.

    Don't hold your breath for this, on many CDMA/GSM Motorola they aren't fixed after two years...
  18. Am2am

    Am2am Member

    Which kind of problems does it actually solve ? 128k sims?
  19. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    The problem was that on slot 1 the Sim VODAFONE IT 128K was not working, with this fixed besaband it will work well as all the other.
  20. Muero

    Muero Member

    Tried to use Handcent. It shows sms from Raiffeisen, but it's not English letters. It's something unreadable...

    Additionally, it doesn't let me choose from what sim I would like to send sms
  21. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Yes, I told before that Handcent fixes the problem completely for SIM2, and only partly for SIM1, the message from Vodafone.it are 99% correct for me, but some of them are unreadable.

    I believe it has something to do with the title truncation, likely depending on the last letter the wrong character set is chosen (plain ascii, vs unicode, I mean).

    Again is something that is almost surely related to the baseband, so hard to fix.

    That's easy: just let the notification disabled on default sms client, and enabled on handcent, disable also the handcents popoup

    Then open the default SW when an sms is received and use it to reply (if you have to).

    likely there is a better solution as there are a lot of SMS clients to experiment with but, for now, is an acceptable solution for me.
  22. Am2am

    Am2am Member

    Did you download also Handcent SMS Russian Language pack?
  23. Muero

    Muero Member

    Yes, I did. No changes
    Additionally sms from Raiffeisen is written in English
  24. hidefault123

    hidefault123 Member

    Ok, I downloaded both files from The Solutor.
    U960-B13-TS-v0.1.7z.001 I extracted using 7-zip.
    U960-B13-TS-v0.1.7z.002 however I cannot extract (cannot open as archive error). So, what am I doing wrong?

    In the ...001 there is a recovery folder and a ROM folder. I put both on the SD card and run adb.exe?
    Do I need the ...002 files?
  25. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    It's a split archive, you have to place both on the same place and then extract just the first one, what's in the second will be extracted automagically.

    The update.zip file is meant to be installed from the recovery.

    turn on the phone while pushing the volume+ button.

    if you can see the recovery menus (in english) you have it already installed (use the install zip from SD card menu)

    If you can't see anything or if you have the recovery in chinese, just install the english recovery included in my package.

    Assuming you have all the drivers installed and the phone in usb debug mode, you have just to click on the .bat file.

    The recovery part is a one time only operation, you install it once, you can use it anytime in the future to install any updated rom.
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