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  1. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    will keep open the eyes... ;)

  2. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    Hi all

    I just got my phone from Etotalk, and thought i wouldt provide the system version here:

    Modelnumber: EtTalk.com U960 2B03 V1.5d
    Basebandversion: U960V1.0.2B03T
    Sim2 Baseband: U960V1.0.2B03W
    Versionnumber: EtoTalk.Com U960 2B03 V1.5d

    I bought the phone without any additional programs, but it still cam installed with all the software you couldt select on their page.

    As a new user i wouldt like to know if running the titanium backup program is enough to backup all systemfile so i can make a full recovery if i try catty62's version ?
    Or if there is any more i need to do before doing that.

    I hope i can get rid of a few annoying things by updating, for once the Location of number Query app is of no use since its trying to lookup numbers on a chineese page.
    Also i wouldt like to get rid of the chineese search engiens that are included in the browser.

    Thanks for the help girls and guys.

    Ps. Android system info shows the same as catty62's screenshot.

  3. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Titanium Backup is for backup of apps, settings and user data. Before you flash a new ROM it is a good idea to backup all data and apps up using TB, but also backup the entire system. To do this you need to backup from recovery.

    Reboot in recovery, and select -> Backup & Restore -> Backup. You need a SD card in the phone with appx. 500 - 800 MB free space.

    I always make a full backup in both TB and from recovery before flashing a new ROM
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  4. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    Thanks i got the backup running, and succesfully enterede recovery mode by holding power and volume up untill recovery mode was enterede.

    Tomorrow i will probably try to get the new build on it ;-)
  5. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Also found this overclocked rom in the forum: U960 ROM
  6. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    i bought zte u960 1850 yuan .but all applications was locked.with the help of catty62 i unlocked the mobile.
  7. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    I tryied a new kernel with the cpu speed increased to 1.4GHz ...
    This is the result of quandrant of this morning .

    as always, is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY and install at your own RISK ...
    This is the link of the update

    PS: remain unchanged all the previous changes (ram, init.d etc..) Because only the kernel has changed, the ramdisk leaving the previous version ...

    Thanks to The Solutor and EmilF for reporting on the work on progress for overclocking ...
    and to Topogigi for the moral and material support ...
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  8. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Thanks to Catty62 and Tpopogigi for their efforts.

    This is what I get. (the phone is still rocksolid)

  9. asc3asc

    asc3asc Member

    please let us how much was the shipping to your country from that seller, and how long did it take to arrive?

    can you elaborate on the issue of locking a bit - are you saying that all system applications were unusable, inaccessible, or only the custom applications?

    and on one more thing: do the bugs reported on this thread still exist with the current stock ROM (like only number shown instead of name when receiving SMS from known contact, phone freezing from time to time, etc.?)
  10. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    i think u buy u960 from ZTE U960 Skype Video Call Multi-Language Android Dual SIM Full Active (DSFA) [2796] - US$339.00 - Smartphone Professional - EtoTalk
  11. auktionadm

    auktionadm Well-Known Member

  12. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    As assumed before It depends on the kernel installed, my U960 with the 1.4 GHz kernel installed is showing 7x30 again.
  13. zte user

    zte user Member

    Hello, i am satisfied with this phone(thanks solutor and catty for help) and a friend of mine wants to buy it also.
    Is it possible for him to root and unlock this phone by himself - what tools does he need to unlock and root this phone?
    Is it possible to install the catty Rom on a non rooted and unlocked phone?
    If yes, is it afterwards unlocked and rooted?
    In a few days i think i will try the catty Rom also - thanks for your work.
    Does anyone know a relaese date of ICS for the ZTE U960?
  14. hellomnp

    hellomnp Well-Known Member

    sorry my mistake i bought 1850 yuan not 185$
  15. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    Will i be able to go straight from EtoTalk rom and to this one or is it required to use your previous version before updating to this.
    Sorry for the noob questions but this is my first android phone ;)
  16. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    yes it's possible do anything by yourself with a little cution...
    You can find all tools on this forum ... (if you don't found it you can ask but the search if the first way of course ...)
    yes is possible but must install a mod recovery and yes it become rooted...
    Don't forget to use the thank button to who helped you ...;)
    No I doesn't know ... but I think it's hard ...
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  17. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    sorry, for previous answer ... I havn't test it on Etotalk rom ... I have test on my rom 1.5.1 version ...
    if you have a mod recovery do a backup of your rom and then a data/app backup with titanium before trying ...
  18. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    But i will be able to flash you mod straight from EtoTalk version right, the phone is rooted and i got access to the recovery menu on boot.
    I just want to know if i need to flash first your version from post #149

    Or if i can just choose the latest version without doing the previous one first.
  19. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    Ahh wait i think i got it now, one is a ROM and the other is just an overclocked kernel right ?
    So i will need both or just the first ;-)
  20. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    which of the two slots?
    SLOT1 is only working in GSM ...
    SLOT2 is working in WCDMA ...
  21. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    Allright i succesfully installed Catty's mod and kernel upgrade, so fare it looks good, however i got one question, before i was able to select Danish as language, that is no longer availabel is that becouse it was a special etotalk hack ?
  22. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    Hmm i now get an Error "software" could not be downloaded due to an error (492) not matter what i try to download from market.

    I flashed the Catty wipe first, and then the kernel update after that hope thats the right way to do it.

    Anyone that knows whats up with market ?
  23. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    This happened to me too, the market started to work again after a while.

    Btw I guess that, coming from a wipe and having the market not working, your phone should be practically virgin.

    So wiping the phone from the privacy menu and starting over could be quicker/easier than cleaning the market related dbs.
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  24. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    Before deleting all the data he can also try to delete the data of google play store from the application manager ... If not work, delete all data from privacy menu ...
  25. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    I had verify it now: if I'm on right you have had installed before a rom from etotalk version 1.4 ... in fact in the v1.4 there is more translation than in the newer roms ... I'll see how to fix it ...
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