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  1. d2sarwono

    d2sarwono New Member

    Hi all..
    sorry I know this is a racer forum but since I have difficulties searching infos regarding tweaks and upgrades for my zte freddo anywhere and since racer is zte's phone with the closest resemblence to freddo so I wonder if any of you guys might know if the tweaks and upgrade of racer will work on freddo too..

    thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.. ^^

  2. d2sarwono

    d2sarwono New Member

    I've tried several racer's rom and gen2 kernel to my freddo (racerboy's, tigtex,s & abhi's) and so far abhi's is rhe only one that works but with issues on not working sensors (compass & accelerometer) and camera limited to 2 mp only.. the others have same issue but could not detect the cellular network..
    I really appreciate if anyone could help me on this... thanks
  3. dmarian

    dmarian New Member

    Hi !
    Can you tell me what firmware have your phone? if is P727A30 then is the same with ZTE Carl sold in Greece by Wind...
    Can you help me with a copy of firmware?

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