ZTE v875 gets stuck on carrier logo

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  1. wootzj

    wootzj New Member

    So, I have this ZTE v875 (I know it's not the best but right now it's the one I can afford) and it just stopped working one day. I was playing this football game I have on it and after I exited the game the phone rebooted and stopped working.

    I have tried to get into recovery mode and I can't or I might not know the right combo of keys (I have tried vol up/vol down + power + camera, etc)

    I would really like to get this back working instead of buying a new one, it's just impossible right now. If someone could help me out that would be really appreciated. If you need anymore info just ask.

  2. fnsono

    fnsono New Member

    zte v875 recovery mode ?

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