ZTE V9 update failSupport

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  1. docwhogr

    docwhogr New Member

    after an attempt to update android version the phone wont start
    it stuck in the screen after the green robot android logo
    adb don't work and i can access only FTM in witch i don't know really what i can do (looks like a com console interface but i can't get connected to it)

    any help to make this brick a working device again?

  2. suzanne2of3

    suzanne2of3 Member

    do u have recovery?
  3. docwhogr

    docwhogr New Member

  4. manoselo

    manoselo New Member

    I have the same problem, i bring my zte v9 to the company where buy, and they dont want to repair, i dont have a backup to restore back to system, any advice what i can do it

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