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ZTE Valet tracfoneSupport

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  1. djthayer01

    djthayer01 New Member

    I have a couple questions about ZTE valet. It seems that the ZTE valet locks out very quickly is there a way to adjust the timing so that it does not lock out so quickly? Also I have heard that you can set the ZTE valet so that it will only operate using wifi. How can I change the setting so that it will use wifi and not use any of my data.

  2. notnothing

    notnothing Member

    you can change the sleep time:
    - tap the menu button at the bottom right (beside the home button)
    - system settings
    - under general settings select Display
    - select sleep
    - select the time you want

    Under General settings you can also turn wifi on/off and data on/off
    - where it says wifi, turn it on/off
    - select mobile networks
    - make sure data isn't enabled
    you should be able to turn wifi and data on/off on one of your home screens.
    - there should be a widget on one of home screens that shows buttons like wifi, gps, data, and so on. Slide to that home screen
    - the ones that are the brightest are the ones that are on. You can tap on wifi to turn it on or off, and you can tap data to do the same.

    hope I explained it right!
  3. djthayer01

    djthayer01 New Member

    Thank you, this worked perfectly. Thanks for your help/
  4. casinorose45

    casinorose45 New Member

    i was thinking of getting this phone,or the lg optimus 2,but i have to say, im leary of getting any of the tracphone androids as all the problems arising.very scary. im afraid to spend the money for nothing.seems maybe 2 out 10 have good reviews.suggestions?
  5. notnothing

    notnothing Member

    this is my first smartphone, but for me personally the hardest thing has been tracfone customer and technical service, not the phone itself. I've seen lots of reviews complaining about the wifi signal but for me it works fine. Can't speak for the lg optimus 2.

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