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    **************BOOST MOBILE ZTE WARP FAQ*******************
    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions.

    Many thanks :)

    -The warp has a bad habit of restarting by itself...the B08 has significantly helped this issue along. This may be an issue of the user overworking the phone.
    -The B08 update may have effected devices which disables the vibrate feature. I am sure they are currently working on a fix.
    -Signal strength may become an issue with some users. Rest assure that you are not the only one with this issue. I am quite certain this may be a bug in the B08 update as well.

    *There are NO custom roms available at this time for the Warp. Several members are currently working on this feature.*

    In the mean time, you can still use wifi tether, screen shot, setcpu, adfree, and titanium backup.

    *CWM RELEASED 01/2012 (Thanks to Quietstorm1785)*

    *Working flashlight apps:*


    Download for tool- Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    IF you root it immediately after updating use this download to update your marketplace to the updated version so you don't have the froyo version
    Download for market- [Download] Android Market 3.4.4 With Noticeable Speed Improvements
    **If you are patient and give it like 10-15 minutes, the market will update itself if you do not root right away FYI


    It is normal that you get an error message. Simply go to the superuser app.
    MENU BUTTON<PREFERENCES<SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM AND UNCHECK OUTDATED BINARY NOTIFICATION. Once this is done, the annoying pop up in your notifications will stop.


    -Make sure you download the drivers to your pc (check your add/remove programs for the ZTE drivers for confirmation)
    -Make sure you extract the folder instead of double clicking the zipped warp drive folder
    -Make sure you are in USB debugging mode on your phone (android character top left corner)
    -Do NOT put your phone in USB mode
    -Make sure you right click and run as admin for the actual tool
    -Make sure you see the script say GINGERBREAK which will confirm the process is correct
    -You WILL see failed messages so do NOT panic when you see those.
    -Upon reboot, you should have superuser....if this did not work use this (method by Leftnut)

    ok as long as you have debugging enabled on your phone and the proper drivers installed so the computer recognizes the phone were in good shape.

    right click on the folder where u extracted the zip of warpdrive should say "warpdrive" by default.
    select "cut"
    Open windows explorer goto your "c:" drive
    once inside "paste" the folder there. it should now be located at c:\warpdrive

    Now press windowskey + R this will bring up the run prompt
    Type "cmd" press enter
    Once in dos type "cd c:\warpdrive" if done correctly the heading should read c:\warpdrive> (you can type "dir" to make sure the files are there)
    Finally just type "warpdrive.bat"
    follow directions and hit any key when its done phone should reboot if done correctly.


    Download a free application which does NOT require root access called ZEDGE or EASY MP3 DOWNLOADER

    -Make sure your wifi is disabled when not in use
    -Turn off 3G when not using which you can access right away by downloading a simple widget such as DATA ENABLER

    Just these tips will increase your battery life a lot BUT no smartphone will have a GREAT battery life...

    -If you can not sync your contacts with your facebook friends follow these tips
    -Update your phone to B08
    -Uninstall and Reinstall Facebook
    -When you install Facebook again, make sure you hit SYNC ALL



    Download the app (Thanks again GODRAW)- https://market.android.com/details?id=org.projectvoodoo.otarootkeeper

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    I recommend reading this. I use to use task killers on my Xoom until I learned about how android works.
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    I edited out the part about task killer :p
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    You wanna add that 08 update breaks playing videos on the internet? Thanks!
  7. marca

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    not being picky just wanting a lil more details, do you mean streaming or download.
    i have the 08 update and can do both still but i know others have the problem. im trying to see just whats happening and why.

    show i was watching this morning

  8. xgeek

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    well there is already a thread on the issue discussing specifics, just wanted to mention it here. You never really say what the vid u posted was from. I can watch youtube and certain others but then have problems with others, For example, go to ESPN.com and try the videos on the first screen, these I cannot play unless I am using MX player or other 3rd party player and in doing so, the quality seems less than the built in player was before doing the 08 update that broke my built in playing capabilities. There are other sites that don't work too.
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    several ppls phones stopped vibrating
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    Nice, :) I finally rooted my phone using the second option.....thnx!
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    Please post specific support questions in a new topic so as not to clutter this FAQ thread unnecessarily.

    Thanks all.
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    Thank u very much ,,
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    Here is version 1.56 it is working on the warp and has more options in the other lights menu when you click on a light trigger you have the option to allow default settings, on or off. RootDim-156.apk - superdim - RootDim 1.56 - Dim Android displays for night vision protection - Google Project Hosting
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    I'm definitely experiencing some of those issues. Thanks for this, Knoxville. :D
  17. Knoxville363

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    No problem...also even though I don't own this phone any longer, I am updating this thread as time goes on. Please send me a PM if I missed something important that should be added
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    i rooted my phone and facebook was giving me problems so in uninstalled it and then went to the market to reinstall it and it says my device is not compatible with this app and i see other apps that it says the same thing
  19. jjohnbubby5

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    I'd post a new thread, I'm sure someone can help..
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  20. jason504504

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    i did nobody replied someone please help
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    use another application Facebook is a memory hungry and drain the battery
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    Please do not put help questions in this thread. If nobody replied to your question please be patient. I am sure someone will read your question and offer advice. You can not post something and expect an answer in 5 min. I am not being a jerk to you either...so don't take offense to it. As far as your question goes, I never heard of that. You may want to use titanium backup and back your phone up. Once it is backed up, try a factory restore. Unless someone has a better idea, that may be your only answer.
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    :confused: I am going to be a new smartphone user and new customer to Boost. From what I read hear this phone is not worth all the trouble. :eek: Should I not get this phone? Should I go with a Samsung Galaxy Prevail?????? Please advise! I want to get one this weekend.
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    weird thing happened when i connect my zte warp to my pc it no longer asks if i want mass storage mode it just behaves as if its just charging. i tried everything erased drivers from pc but after troubleshooting i learned its my device. anyone know how i can fix this????
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    Whoever made this topic should consider fixing the update links... Multiupload bit the dust a little while ago. The update tool is now available from ZTE's website again.

    Regarding USB issues, I really don't know. Have you restarted everything (phone and PC)? Tried a different USB cable, different port? Messed with the configuration on the device itself, as to whether it shows up as a mass storage device? Turned off debugging? Turned it on? Etc.

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