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  1. lifeb4cells

    lifeb4cells Member

    Well, my ZTE Warp finally bit the dust. :(
    Not completely though, just the ear speaker and the mic.
    Although it is no longer useable as a "phone" everything else works just fine.

    I have had no issues at all with this phone. (until now)
    I have completely loved this phone since purchasing it 01-02-12.

    Here is what happened:
    A few days ago the ear speaker started

  2. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

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  3. shizack

    shizack Active Member

    You may want to consider removing the screen protector.

    Since many protectors are applied using water they may try not to honor the warranty due to "water damage".
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  4. lifeb4cells

    lifeb4cells Member

    I will do that. Thanks so much. (glad I read this before heading off to FedEx)

    Even though I did not use water to apply it, I do not want to give them any excuse!
    I really hope they do not scratch the glass. uuug
  5. lifeb4cells

    lifeb4cells Member

    Looks like you were correct. :)

    I just called about my phone and they have already shipped it back to me.
    Said they will send me a tracking number later today.

    Hopefully, all will be well & working when I receive it.

    So far, ZTE usa has been very fast concerning service.
    I sent the phone back on March 2nd - they received it on March 7th - and shipped it back to me March 8th.

    I will update as soon as I receive & test it.
  6. lifeb4cells

    lifeb4cells Member

    Well, my Warp is up and running once again! :)
    I am so happy.

    I received it yesterday, but could not get to the BoostMobile store until today.
    I am so thankful that I kept my Samsung Seek or I would have been without a phone for a couple of weeks!

    It appears that they sent me a new Warp. (or maybe a refurbished one?)
    Whatever the case I am happy because everything is working so far.

    Nice crisp sound & vibration works once again.
    No shutting down/restarting issues so far, but I did not have that particular issue with the first phone. I just thought I would mention it since this is a new phone.

    Although it was a pain to have my 200.00 phone break after only 49 days and a pain to have to send it back AND a pain to have to drive back and forth to the Boost store it was well worth it.

    ZTE gets an A+ for service!

    I cannot really give the ZTE Warp phone a TRUE grade as of yet because I want to wait and see what this second one does - how long it lasts.
    So far though - minus all of the hardware issues - I really LOVE this Warp phone!
    (just wish they would have thought to add a front facing camera- duh):rolleyes:
  7. fateit

    fateit New Member

    You could activate it on the web page, although I found a bit of a fault in it
    after charging it and setting it up on the web page, I enabled the wifi, and played around with it for over 8 hours and it hadn't activated. the moment I disabled the wifi it activated ;)

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