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  1. Emily1991

    Emily1991 New Member

    I have the ZTE warp sequent all I want to do is watch videos in my browser like on the mtv.com it tells me that I need Adobe flash player but I can not download it when I search it in the application store its not there. I don't get it I had the ZTE warp and could do it ..please help me

  2. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

  3. umadzbro

    umadzbro Active Member

    Anyone know a browser that wont crash running flash? I've tried boat, chrome, uc something, ninesky, Dolphin. They all just crash or don't even work.
  4. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    Give fire fox a try
  5. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member

    UCbrowser is really fast, but no flash support. At least I think
  6. zer01

    zer01 Active Member

    I've never had Dolphin crash on me- even switching from full screen to partial screen repeatedly and resizing. Are you using a rom or are you stock?
  7. umadzbro

    umadzbro Active Member

    I'm using Awesome Android Update 2. I can't use Firefox on this rom say's it's incompatible.
  8. zer01

    zer01 Active Member

    I just updated to Awesome Android update 2 from Shinjitsu myself(as of about 7am, and i'm digging it btw). I've been playing with it and I haven't had Dolphin crash on me yet- but I did notice that if there is a flash video that is playing, (or one that autoplays on open) the page loads slowly and sometimes incompletely, especially if there are other parts of the page that can be opened/closed or reloaded while the video keeps playing. I'm thinking this could be a cache thing? As far as yours closing, I would try reflashing the ROM. What order did you flash the zips in? Shin was pretty specific about how it should be done so that the dalvik cache built right.
  9. umadzbro

    umadzbro Active Member

    It seems i solved it by using the Opera Browser and installing this flash version Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 ( Got to watch a couple Tv show episodes without it pausing or crashing.

    It still crashes in Dolphin or just hangs indefinitely. I installed the rom properly, everything else works fine except for that damn upside down frontal camera. :smokingsomb:

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