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  1. jimmymorfue

    jimmymorfue Member

    So I used the zte warp recovery tool on zte.com but it doesnt really do anything but updates your build.
    Lately ive been having problems with my mms and i called boost. I couldve sworn before i called them my toolbar icons (3g and bars) would turn green when they were working excellently.
    So they attempted to help me with my mms and now they stay white!
    Its driving me crazy mainly because i know they do turn green lol
    So my question is.... is there any way to make them green again?
    Is it my signal or was it the build that zte gave me on their recovery program?
    (for those that have used the recovery tool)

  2. limited

    limited Well-Known Member

    green means you have a connection to google's servers for syncing. White means you still have service but lost connection to google. Try turning on then off airplane mode to re establish a connection
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  3. jimmymorfue

    jimmymorfue Member

    thanks dude i was able to get the grrreeeennn back lol

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