ZTE z750c (savvy) how can I root???

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  1. unoswvy3

    unoswvy3 New Member

    I had a Huawei h866c rooted great with poot, until I tried flashing a new Rom... whoops, I bricked it!!!... so I go try n buy another one at Wal-Mart n they don't carry it anymore, least the one here don't... I ended up buying a ZTE Z750C (savvy) with the android version 4.1.2... How can I root it, or unlock it???... I'm trying to develop my own app... now I have to learn how to work this phone first... this sucks!!!... ANY IDEAS???

  2. Sparkster2691

    Sparkster2691 New Member

    I'm in the same boat as you with my ZTE Majesty (The Savvy and Majesty are the newest phones on Straight Talk) We may have to wait a while before there is a way to root these 2 phones. Who knows, the way to root the Savvy may be the way to root the Majesty too. That's why I'm bumping this thread. It will defiantly help the community, too.
  3. cllayton

    cllayton New Member

    Was wondering if you ever found a root for the savvy?

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