ZTE Z796C majesty light goes off

Last Updated: 2014-04-01 17:48:09
  1. cowboytough

    cowboytough Guest

    Just got this today and can't figure out how to keep the light or screen on - when i make a call it goes black - is there a setting that i can't find? once on the phone, i'd like to be able to see the screen...help? ZTE Z796C majesty light goes off

  2. Spil

    Spil Member

    I've only had the Majesty for a few days myself, but from what I've seen, the screen goes blank in-call when the proximity sensor is activated (i.e., by having the phone up to your ear); this prevents "cheek-beeping" and accidental hang-ups. I haven't found anything yet in the Settings menu that would change or disable this feature.
  3. roller24

    roller24 New Member

    The screen protector may be covering the proximity sensor if the screen light will not relight after phone is lowered away from ear;)

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