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ZTE-Z990G Internal Storage help for a newbSupport

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  1. Cracula

    Cracula Member

    This is my first smart phone which im using through smarttalk. i have had this phone for just a few days and think it is great but i am already getting a message about my internal space being filled up. ive only downloaded 3 or 4 apps but only one of them went onto my SD card. I have read on this site a little bit about people having this same problem and having to root there phone. Could someone please be kinda enough to help me with my problem. I dont even know what root means and am afraid if i try someone elses instructions ill mess my phone up and have to buy another one. All i want is to free up internal storage and move stuff to my SD card. thanks

  2. Cracula

    Cracula Member

    i am so lost now. i followed squidlymcnerds and jcase's instructions but when i get to the part adb push su \system\xbin\su and it tells me no such file or directory or su. I cant believe i have made it this far but now im completely stuck! anyhelp?
  3. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Go to this thread & read. Everything has already been done for you.
  4. Cracula

    Cracula Member

    i have repeated all the process and my su file which i unzipped to the same folder sdk and adv are in, is still saying no such file or directory. this is starting to upset me, ive been trying this for hours now
  5. Cracula

    Cracula Member

    hey king what thread are you talking bout
  6. Cracula

    Cracula Member

    alright, thanks bud. i read further and tried someone elses suggestion and it worked. superuser is rooted now i just have to figure out how to use it, lol. thank you everyone for this successfull forum
  7. redfield88

    redfield88 Well-Known Member

    Far easier ways of rooting the Merit are available now. Stayboogy put together a full-proof way of rooting the Merit / Avail, So full-proof pretty much anyone can do it with having to type in a single line in adb.


    Note, Rooting your device isn't going to magically increase your system memory. You'll either need to use the link2sd app or use another one of Stayboogy's methods and move the davlik-cache to the /dev partition.


    You'll also have to go through your system apps and determine which are vital and remove what bloatware you don't desire. This will solve your internal space issues. I currently have over 60+ apps installed and still have more space to kill.
  8. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    even with the most slimmed down ROM (Speedfreak 1.1) you will still face the dreaded sync-killing 'low space' notification after a few apps. especially if you play games like Angry Birds or Bad Piggies. i recommend SpeedFreak so far as it's the most slim ROM, and the space threshold is lowered from the stock 25MB to ~10-15 depending on the amount of RAM used (seems to share RAM with some of the internal storage as the value changes often)

    if a CyanogenMod ROM ever exists for this model, i hope a similar solution that worked on an equally-storage-limited device, my former LG Optimus V, will work here. when i rooted and flashed that phone, i simply found some means to turn the bloody notification off! hadn't seen it the rest of that phone's lifetime. and i had a lot of apps there. not sure if it was turned off entirely but some setting enabled me to change the threshold---i just set it to 5MB then, and most cases the phone would crash if space dipped below 10
  9. retleo

    retleo New Member

    Unfortunately, the ZTE Merit has small internal memory. Also, it is one of the few phones that cannot be "Rooted," that is, you can't go in and remove Applications that came with the phone. I just updated my SD Card from the 2GB installed one to one of 16GB using a SanDisk chip & adapter I got from Wall-Mart. It was quick and easy using the charging cord that came with the phone and a flashdrive adapter that lets you insert a SD chip into it.

    But alas, that doesn't solve the internal memory problem. I was able to free up some internal memory by uninstalling all the updates for Facebook and Twitter. This lets you use the basic forms of these programs while freeing up a little more phone memory.

    Other than that, this phone, which was kind of on the pricey side, suffers from a lack of internal phone memory [ARE YOU LISTENING, ZTE?]. If anybody knows a better way, I haven't found it [yet]
  10. retleo

    retleo New Member

    Actually, I read in an article that no one has successfully rooted the ZTE Merit. If this has changed, I'd sure like to know about it.
  11. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Well-Known Member

    The trickiest one to root is the Net10 version, but it's still doable. Moving dalvik to dev works (I did a more primitive version on my Avail), but so does adapting an sd-ext (ext# partition on your sd card) to become part of your data space, much like link2sd, without an app to interface with (and no symlinking).
  12. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

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