ZV9 Rooting Troubles

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  1. silentboxer

    silentboxer New Member

    Today I just rebought an LG Optimus V again since I have rooted it before (Last year). Now since I've bought it it has this ZV9 already on it. I've tried doing the superclick thing, and it got to the shell part and I though it was done and unplugged it now I keep getting FAILED when I try to root it again. I've tried the gingerbreak 3 times,and sill no results. I looked up some stuff for Jcase, but since I don't have a recovery due to not being rooted properly,and not being able to run Flash Gui I'm at a stand still.

    I ask you fellow rooters, What are my options?

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums!
    I am not a rooting wizard so I can not help, but I have moved this thread into the "all things root" portion of this forum, where the rooting wizards hang out, so you can get some help.:)
  3. Petrah

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  4. sammyz

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    Sometimes I have problems with ADB and they are usually fixed by
    1) Rebooting phone
    2) Rebooting computer

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