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  1. moez78

    moez78 New Member

    Hi all

    Why can I not download Zynga poker on my HTC wildfire?:mad:

    Thanks in advance


  2. moez78

    moez78 New Member

  3. moez78

    moez78 New Member

    hello all

    Has anyone been able to download zynga poker from the market?

  4. Javi3rPR

    Javi3rPR Member

    I cannot find the zynga poker app from the market anymore, it has been pulled out??
  5. METLJ

    METLJ Member

    the zynga app is available on the market but sadly not for the wildfire which i think is bcoz of the screen resolution.
    u might want to try dragonplay's live holdem poker pro. i like it as a replacement of the zynga app.
  6. SiTheSpike

    SiTheSpike Member

    its not on there for my X10i either :/

    i know im not HTC but i was just posting anyways XD
  7. MajorChachi

    MajorChachi New Member

    Not in the market.

    I have been using it for a while now and I have aha a couple problems.

    The last few days I haven't been able to play, which right now is good because of classes :p, but now it is out of the market. I uninstalled and cannot find it anymore.

    Maybe it was a beta....but they never made it public.

  8. paike

    paike New Member

    u can download getjar.com, type search: zynga and enjoy it
  9. weeman2000

    weeman2000 New Member

    thank toy bud it did work!!!!!

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