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Default [Guide] Motorola Triumph - All Things Root Guide (Updated 14-Sep-2013)

Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have any good information to contribute, update, or correct in the root guide. Alternatively, hit the button and ask a Mod to bring it to our attention.

Thanks for your help!

Click the "Show" button below for a root warning / disclaimer:

General Information

How to Root

Custom Recovery


Ice Cream Sandwich/CM9
ROMs without fully working radio, wifi, or SMS/MMS


Kernels & Kernel-related

Other Helpful Threads

Tools & Utilities


Let us know if you have any other things you want or need linked here.

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change log:

Steven58 (8/9/2011): added stock recovery link

scary alien (8/12/2011): added CWM 7 ROM links

scary alien (9/12/2011): added new ROMs to list; added new Themes & Kernels section

scary alien (9/26/2011): added new soft-brick recovery thread link

slug (9/30/2011?): add new ROMs, themes, etc.

scary alien (10/2/2011): added "Other Helpful Threads" section

scary alien (10/4/2011): added new MUI ROM to ROMs list

scary alien (10/6/2011): add new "how to root" thread link up top

scary alien (11/21/2011): added new kernel links, cleanup some hyperlinks

scary alien (11/27/2011): added content, layout of standard root guides

agentc13 (11/27/2011): cleaned up the links/threads in recovery, ROM, themes, kernels, and helpful threads sections.

agentc13 (11/28/2011): added ICS theme.

agentc13 (11/28/2011): added link to stock bloatware deletion thread.

agentc13 (11/30/2011): added ICS thread.

agentc13 (12/01/2011): added rooting guide, multi-boot discussion, and roboto font links.

agentc13 (12/02/2011): added "important note"

agentc13 (12/05/2011): added adb driver link and IRC dev channel.

agentc13 (12/11/2011): formating/cleanup

agentc13 (12/12/2011): added battery related links

agentc13 (12/23/2011): added new ROM links and Flashable Splash link

agentc13 (01/12/2012): added carrier name change link.

agentc13 (01/13/2012): added ROM.

scary alien (01/20/2012): added Red Remix ROM.

agentc13 (01/23/2012): added ICS dev thread.

agentc13 (02/04/2012): added CM9 ROM and Xperia CM7 theme.

agentc13 (03/01/2012): added stock ROM to the list (How was that left off there????)

agentc13 (03/14/2012): added WIP ROMs section.

agentc13 (03/25/2012): added fOCk Kernel.

scary alien (04/02/2012): added [Themed ROM] CM7 EPIC BLUE FINAL (Updated 3-28-2012)

agentc13 (04/17/2012): Added ROMs and other helpful threads

marc12868 (4/22/2012): Added Dark Minimalist V1.0 to the rom list

agentc13 (04/22/2012): Added flashable stock recovery download

agentc13 (5/22/2012): Added Symbiiote & Triumph Stock Re-Imagined ROMs

scary alien (6/13/2012): Added Heavenly Divine v0.1 and Arkaic Esense v2.0 ROMs

agentc13 (6/14/2012): Added ddrescue guide

scary alien (6/19/2012): Added new ROM link

agentc13 (7/31/2012): Added links suggested in Additions to the All Things Root sticky?

D-U-R-X (10/01/2012): Changed the ROM list around slightly, splitting ROM's by Android version - thanks g60madman

scary alien (12/19/2012): added new recovery, ROM, theme, and several other helpful links (thanks MikeRL!)

scary alien (9/14/2013): added link to Guide re. installing recovery without USB access (thanks, thangfish!)
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