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Default 4.4 Rom

Is there a 4.4 rom for the Note 3 that includes the dialer app? Thank you.

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4.4 is scheduled to be released for the 3 early in 2004 (end of Q1 or thereabouts). That's released by Samsung. When Verizon finishes doing all their nonsense to it, turning off features they don't want you to have, adding bloatware that you can't live without, and all that, THEN releases it OTA ... well, let's hope by the summer of 2014, but let's not hold our breaths.
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That would be for the official OTA. OP is referring to a 4.4 custom ROM. Quite frankly, I'm waiting for that, too

One of the challenges, though, is to create a 4.4 ROM that's rooted, since Kitkat is expected to close root exploits left and right. The odds are stacked against us rooters and ROMmers for the future, it really is. Granted, there are some brilliant developers working on it right now... but eventually it's going to be prohibitively difficult to do.


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Only dev edition will see anything early if at all, retail can't change kernel because of locked bootloader so you won't see kk roms for retail at the very least till ota drops if they can even get around SELinux enforcing for safestrap
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