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Default LATEST UdroidX 1.5.3 build WM8650

by lucsp

NEWEST. Flash Player ready, Improved WIFi- Sound-Battery-New Icons-New Launcher.
FASTEST. Ready to install on a lot of WM8650 powered tablet.

built on the 1.5.3 firmware WM8650 released by EPAD-EKEN
based on MODROID by Wicknix.

IF USE changer.bat, below is a list of very probably supported devices.

NOTE : changer.bat software is a Uberoid HCH tool.

This list is still experimental for 1.5.3 build :
1=Maylong M-250
1=MID V7 7"
1=InterToys NL Tab 7"
1=MID E18 7"
1=M009S Green LED 7"
1=TomTec Tablet 7"
2=M009S Blue LED 7"
2=Generic Netbook 7"
2=Epad GW-70 7"
2=MIDV7 Blue LED 7"
2=WinPad-C07 7"
3=M003S 8"
3=Innovatek MID 8"
4=PC-802 8"
5=BLY-806 8"
5=VIA WM8650 8"
6=M80003W 8"
7=Apex 7"
7=BLY-706F v1 7"
8=MID703 7"
8=ILC PC Tab701 7"

8=KLD-MID701 7"
8=MID710 7"
8=EPAD ZX07D (added by me)
9=M010S 7"
10=M012S 8"
11=M70007T 7"
11=ViaPad M7 7"
11=VIA WM8650 7"
11=M768A 7"
11=Leader V70 7"
11=Epad GW-707 7"
12=ATF3416-7 7"
13=BLY-706F v3 7"
14=E16 5cun1603 5"
15=ED99 8cun1603 8"
16=E18 7cun1603 7"
17=ED99 8cun8900 8"
18=Ricatech/RATAB10 10"
18=TomTec 10"
19=Epad M009D (added by ohwzo.nl)
20=M013S (added by Wicknix)

BEFORE FIRMWARE UPDATING please back-up the env_uboot and wmt_scriptcmd files from your devices factory firmware you could need it later if env_uboot in list are not working for you!!!

To install do the following:
Format a SD card to FAT32
Extract the contents of the zip file to your SD card.

If you do not use Changer.Bat ( I DONT !!!) , I am sure you are able to do the following:
Choose your env.uboot file under Firmwareinstalle/env according your device and rename env_uboot, delete all the other you have founded in that directory.

Eventually insert SD card into your device and power on ; upgrade will run automatically. Once it’s finished wait 1 min. before removing your SD card .
The device will reboot and you can have a cup of coffe!!
PLEASE WAIT… and be patient, it needs 4-5 min.

the system loading screen stucked for more than 5 minutes , OK try another env_uboot or BETTER IDEA use the env_uboot and wmt_scriptcmd files from your devices factory firmware.

TIPS from Wicknix:
If you have NO sound after flashing try this fix:
Edit the env_uboot file you used and change this....
"setenv wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f1:f2:ff:ff:100" to this "setenv wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f2:f1:ff:ff:100"
Save and reflash.

If your camera doesn't work try this fix (works on most devices):
Edit the env_uboot file you used and change this....
"setenv wmt.gpo.cmos 1:0:78110040811008081100C0" to this "setenv wmt.gpo.camera1 1:0:78110040811008081100C0"
Save and reflash.

TIP from netizenmt:
The auto-rotation issue was also a problem with Uberoid's latest test version. Some people get it, some don't. The problem is in the env_uboot file. The values at the following line are messed up.
setenv wmt.io.mxcgsensor 1:3:4:0:-1:1:-1:2:-1

The correct values that worked for me were:
setenv wmt.io.mxcgsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:1:2:-1

You can edit env_uboot file before flashing the rom.

Known BUGS:
probably a lot, but we do trust in future improvement by users !!
Thanks to Wicknix for his MODROID and EVERYBODY else from Slatedroid !
Use at your own risk!!!!!
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