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112 Suomi is a mobile app for calling the emergency number and locating callers in the event of an emergency. The biggest benefit of the app is that it makes it quicker to get help to the scene of an emergency. Additional features of the 112 Suomi app include a list of non-emergency telephone numbers as well as public safety notifications. The Emergency Response Centre Agency has added a new feature to its official public safety notification system and introduced public safety alerts through the 112 Suomi mobile app. The app was designed by the Emergency Response Centre Agency in collaboration with Digia Plc. By using this application you agree to the following terms and conditions: http://www.digia.com/globalassets/tuotteet/112-suomi/112-suomi-app-users-licence-agreement.pdf Registry extract according to the Personal Information Act: https://www.112.fi/download/78379_Tietosuojaseloste_112_Suomi_en.pdf?e51a32719f41d788

February 11, 2020
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