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百度App,7亿用户首选的搜索和资讯客户端。 最懂中文的语音搜索识别技术,准确率高达98%。 热门新闻、视频抢先看,更有全网正版小说。 【智能小程序】 包含常用小程序,满足娱乐、出行、购物、生活服务各方面需求,免下载提供更方便的体验。 【短视频】 首页底部快速进入视频频道,海量明星娱乐、搞笑段子、经典剧集视频,还能拍小视频记录身边新鲜事,简单操作能拍又能看。 【极速搜索】 强大的搜索引擎,一站搜索全网,搜文字、搜图片,快速识别,帮你找到想要的内容。 【热门资讯】 精选新闻资讯、视频、漫画等优质内容。热门评论置顶显示,查看、互动更方便。 【语音识别】 加入最懂中文的语音识别技术,识别准确率高达98%。支持语音播报资讯,嘈杂环境也可精准识别,彻底解放双手。 【正版小说】 海量正版小说随心看,新增书架列表、阅读进度可以多台设备自动云同步。 【收藏同步】 账号登录状态下收藏内容可自动备份,不同设备随时同步、随心更换。

Baidu App, the preferred search and information client for 700 million users. The most Chinese-speaking voice search and recognition technology has an accuracy rate of 98%. Hot news, video, first look, there are more full-text genuine novels. [smart applet] It contains common small programs to meet the needs of entertainment, travel, shopping and life services, and downloads to provide a more convenient experience. [short video] The bottom of the home page quickly enters the video channel, massive star entertainment, funny paragraphs, classic drama video, but also can take a small video to record the new things around, simple operation can shoot and can see. [speed search] A powerful search engine, one-stop search for the whole network, search text, search pictures, quickly identify, help you find what you want. [hot information] Featured news, videos, comics and other high-quality content. Top comments are displayed at the top, making viewing and interaction more convenient. 【Speech Recognition】 Adding the most Chinese-speaking speech recognition technology, the recognition accuracy is as high as 98%. Support voice broadcast information, noisy environment can also be accurately identified, completely liberating hands. [Genuine fiction] Massive genuine novels can be viewed at will, adding new bookshelf list and reading progress can automatically synchronize multiple devices. [Collection synchronization] The contents of the account can be automatically backed up when the account is logged in. Different devices can be synchronized at any time and replaced at will.
January 19, 2020
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