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Save and privately share all of your special family moments in a beautiful online journal.

23snaps is the free, private family photo album that allows parents to save and share photos, videos, and stories of their child’s precious moments, and share them with a closed network of family and close friends - anywhere in the world.

Don’t worry if your family members don’t have an Android phone – they can follow your updates on other smartphones, online and by email!

23snaps Features

- Upload photos, videos, stories, height & weight measurements, and status updates to a private baby book. - Connect with a partner and you can both add your own updates for your children. - Completely private and secure, only the people you approve can see your photos. - Invited family and friends can interact with updates you share by posting smiles, hearts and comments. - Organize your memories into collections. - View photos in a timeline, gallery or calendar view. - Add photo filters, frames and vignettes.

Rave reviews

Called the “Facebook for Families
” by TechCrunch and “Instagram for Parents
” by CNET

“23snaps is designed to help you share photos, videos and updates of your kids exclusively with family and close friends. It’s a free app that doesn’t expose private content to the wider online community.” – Mother & Baby Magazine

Best for sharing with family.
★★★★★ Absolutely the app for a young family. Can’t emphasize enough how important its been in helping our friends and family stay connected with our family. Our best find and most used app these days.

Excellent social media alternative.
★★★★★ A fantastic way to share photos, videos and updates without using social media. This keeps everything private as you can control who can access your content. Love this app so much!!

23snaps has been featured by the BBC, Mother & Baby Magazine, Baby London Magazine, Baby & Pregnancy Magazine, Baby World, Baby Buzz Magazine, TechCrunch, Mashable, CNET, CTV, and is winner of the Silver award for Best Family App in the Loved by Parents Awards.

Privacy Policy: http://23snaps.com/home/privacy Follow us on G+: http://plus.google.com/+23snaps

May 8, 2018
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