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3 Grams Unit Converter is a must have handy 10 in 1 multi unit converter app! How and Why you need this app.... Unit Conversion:
Lot of the time you will need to convert from one unit to another. For example you might have to go somewhere and have the distance in km only, but you need the distance in miles units to calculate journey time or fuel cost, with this app you can do that conversion easily and offline. Currency Conversion:
You might be in another country and need to calculate the cost of a taxi in local currency, but you have no internet connection... With 3 Grams Unit Converter app you can easily convert currency to work out that cost offline (once you have preloaded the exchange rate values beforehand). Practical Usage:
You might be baking a cake and you only have the amount of ingredients in cups but you need them in Grams or Milligrams, with this app you can do that and measure all those weights in any unit of your choice! Features:
Can be used offline - (Note exchange rates and world time conversions require internet connection) Fast one touch conversions.. Switch between initial and converted values.. View upto date world currency exchange rates based on currency of your choice... Video demonstration... Customise backgrounds.. Easy to use non cluttered user interface.. The Pro Version Includes:
Real time conversions No ads so faster conversions Unlimited credits so unrestricted usage! Customisable buttons.. Convert The Following:
- Convert between the most popular world currencies using upto date exchange rates! Length
- meters, yards, inches, feet, millimetres, miles and kilometres units! Volume
- litres, cups, tablespoons, gallons and more imperial units! Weights / Mass
- grams, milligrams, ounces, pounds, stones and more Temps / Gas Mark
- Convert between oven gas marks, kelvin, Fahrenheit and Celsius Bytes / MB / GB
- How many bytes in 1 megabyte? How many gigabytes in a terabyte? Find out with this converter app! World Times
- What time is it now in New York? What time is 2PM GMT in America PST? Convert between World Times! Angles / Degrees
- Convert degrees, radians and more.. Clothing Sizes
- Convert common chest and waist sizes for men and women, such as XS and XXL. Shoe Sizes
- Convert between common shoe sizes in different countries such as UK and USA. All values are approximate. Currency conversion is based on latest rates from third party exchange rate provider. Credits: You have some free credits to get you started. Each conversion requires 1 or more credits. You can buy more for cheap from the in app shop. Buy more to save more! Please share the app, leave us a comment / rating and like the 3 Grams Social Page @UnitConversion

January 18, 2020
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