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The #1 Ab Workout App is back! Train like a pro with these elite ab workouts, get that 6 pack and NEVER plateau again! The new 6 Pack Promise builds on the original #1 ab training app to bring you a free basic workout program with the full program and additional features via in-app billing. Created by celebrity pro athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere, the 6 Pack Promise ab workout brings you the same exact ab workouts used to keep today's elite professional athletes in game-ready shape while helping them carve out 6 pack abs. Features: • 30 unique FREE ab exercises to get you pumped! • Convenient fast ab workouts, ranging from 4-8 Minutes! • Over 70 additional ab forming advanced workouts using IAP to keep it fresh and exciting • Video demonstrations of all 105 ab crushing exercises by celebrity pro trainer Jeff Cavaliere • Designed for all levels, whether you are a gym newcomer or weekend warrior • Ab shredding meal plans to provide the ultimate one-two punch in gaining your 6 pack • The Shuffle feature allows you to create a different ab workout everyday so you NEVER plateau. • Track your 6 pack progress with regular photos and share them on your favourite social network • Keep up to date and learn with the latest AthleanX videos • Favorite workouts to do them again! • Never wait for videos to download again with offline access mode. • Play music from your favourite music player app while working out!

October 30, 2018
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