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ActiveGPS - GPS booster Simple, free and ads free way to make your device GPS sensor active all the time! What does it do? - starts a background service which keeps your GPS sensor active all the time - with simple settings you can choose three modes: fast, normal & slow - can use wake lock (not allow device to go to sleep when screen is off) - can be started on boot - can show notification icon in you status bar when running - 100% ads free or any other commercial activity Why use it? - reduce GPS cold start time - no need to wait for GPS when you start application which need GPS (navigation, sports trackers, etc.) - get better GPS fix in applications which use GPS sensor - more precise tracking and navigating - good for developers who use passive way to GPS sensor Application can run on all Android devices with built-in, BT or USB GPS sensor. Application can use a lot of device battery, use it with care and check/set settings to your needs. Please DONATE if you find this application useful.

December 9, 2018
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