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A complete set of tools to manage your device, Advanced Tools is: file manager, task manager, apk manager, system manager and now much more with new device-related tools (sensors, gps, flashlight). Even more options and features available for root users. **** NOTES **** Logcat tool requires READ_LOG permission to run properly, non-root users can grant READ_LOG permission by using ADB commands, see related info inside the app. CAMERA permission was added to make flashlight tool suitable for more devices. This app involves a lot of work and updates are given frequently, please avoid bad rating/comment because of permissions, if you feel not comfortable with them contact us for any question. **** BASIC HINTS **** Open the main menu by swiping from the left edge to the right. Open the info/guide panel by swiping from the right edge to the left. File Manager - for any of the item in the list tap the icon to select, tap the file name to open, tap the three dots on the right to open the context menu. **** SOME OF THE THINGS YOU CAN DO **** FILE MANAGER * Operate on (up to) four different tabs * File operations between tabs (no need to navigate back!) * Access/modify RO folders, system, data, etc. (root) * Copy, cut, paste, delete, rename files or folders * Add new folders * Add new text files * Integrated mini text editor * Search files or folders * Get file or folder details * Set file or folder permissions (root) * Zip/unzip files or whole folders * Browse zip file's contents * Unzip selected contents from a zip file * Browse APK file's contents * Send files via bluetooth * Share supported files * Storage info with pie charts * Set starting folders (shortcuts) * FTP: download/upload files or whole folders * FTP: browse FTP contents, add new folders APP MANAGER * Detailed info about each installed application * Uninstall apps * Freeze system apps (root) * Uninstall system apps (root) * Backup and restore apps * Clear app cache/data * Startup apps (grant/deny auto-start) * Manage app components! (Pro only) * View content of manifest file (Pro only) SYSTEM MANAGER * Plenty of info about system, memory, graphic, hw, battery * Change LCD density (root) * Change the heap size (root) * Change "max events per second" value (root) * Change the WiFi scan interval (root) * more properties from build.prop file * Change "min free kbytes" value (root) * Change "vfs cache pressure" value (root) * Change swappiness value (root) * Change dirty ratio and dirty background ratio (root) * more kernel's VM and sysctl parameters * Configure Android's internal task killer * Access special settings and info * View filesystem * View dmesg (Kernel Debug Messages) * View live logcat * Record, filter, stop, resume logcat * Detect CarrierIQ TASK MANAGER * Kill selected applications * Filter system processes (security options) * Info about running services SENSOR ANALYZER * Scan and analyze all the sensors installed * Compass tool * Compass calibration tool * Magnetic field detector GPS STATUS AND FIX * Get all the info passed by GPS device * Fast fix tool to get signal fixed in less time * Scan satellites and get dedicated info * Get your current location's address CPU MONITOR * CPU Time in State monitor * Real-time CPU meter * Set CPU scaling frequencies and governor (root) ATOOLS TERMINAL (Pro only) * Pseudo terminal emulator * Execute linux commands * Quick buttons for mount and set permissions OTHERS * Quick launch from notification bar * Use the camera flashlight as a torch * Blue light filter for eyes comfort * Light and dark themes Enjoy Advanced Tools!

December 20, 2019
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