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Agave - ISY app for mobile home automation of Insteon® and Z-Wave® devices. http://forum.universal-devices.com/forum/120-agave/ Agave Home Automation allows for seamless, secure and customizable remote access to your Universal Devices ISY Controller from your Android® smartphone and tablet. Many Insteon® and Z-Wave® devices can be controlled through ISY using Agave. If you find one that isn’t supported, contact the developer (we’ll need a node dump of the device from an ISY). Agave can control your Elk® M1 Home Security system through your ISY. Arm and disarm in all Elk modes including status of and control of bypass of all of your Elk zones. You can use all features of Agave without any limitations free for 30 days
. After trial, there are no additional downloads required; simply purchase the features that you would like to continue to use. Trials are tracked using your ISY UUID and initial run date.
Agave is actively developed
. This means new devices are added quickly (please contact the developer in the event you have an unrecognized device) and features are added regularly. We discuss new features on the UDI Forum > Agave subforum. Agave is secure
. Your ISY credentials are encrypted on your device and you can optionally configure a PIN (per Agave profile) so that anyone using your mobile device won’t have access to use Agave. Connections to your ISY can be encrypted using SSL. Agave is customizable
. You can easily add favorite devices to a compact home screen view. Want more than one home screen? You can add additional profiles to enable more home screens. Have more than one ISY? You can configure connections to more than one ISY. Don’t know what the cryptic device names are on your ISY? Device names, control/action buttons, and device status can be customized. Agave works with your favorite Insteon
devices (requires an Insteon-compatible ISY). Whether you want to control an Insteon Thermostat, LED light bulb, On/Off Switch Relay, Dimmer switch, IO Linc Sensor/Relay, Triggerlinc Open/Close sensor, Motion sensor (2420 verified), smoke sensor, or an EZFlora/lawn sprinkler, Agave works for you. As new Insteon devices are released, we work to add them quickly to Agave. Agave works with most Z-Wave
devices (requires a Z-Wave compatible ISY). Door locks(Schlage, Kwikset and Yale verified) , thermostats, on/off and dimmable switches, MIMOLite sensors, and Aeon Multisensors can be controlled through Agave. If you have a Z-Wave device that isn’t already added to Agave, we’ll work with you to get it added quickly (please contact the developer!). Connectivity
Agave can connect to your ISY using any combination of the following methods in the order you define: 1. Direct Connection via private home network (local) connection (usually the “primary” connection) 2. Direct Connection via external network/cellular data connection (may require port forwarding on router) (often the “secondary” connection) 3. UDI Portal (Requires subscription through UDI)

March 17, 2020
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