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AirShield is an advanced threat detection solution designed for business people using mobile devices for work. It’s the first mobile intrusion prevention system app, designed using patented behavioral analytics, to provide mobile users and devices with comprehensive, proactive protection against device and application cyberattacks and network-borne attacks. Leading Threat Detection Capabilities The solution provides comprehensive protection against mobile threats, including: * Spearphishing attacks (e.g., malicious URLs, PDF files) * Malicious apps (e.g., “time bombs”, self-modifying apps) * Network traffic redirection attacks (e.g., “man-in-the-middle”) * SSL stripping techniques * Rogue WiFi access point * Rogue base station/femtocell * Network reconnaissance scans Benefits • Prevents your mobile devices from being compromised by device, network and application attacks • Supports bring your own and corporate owned devices so you can stay productive while at the same time help preserve the security of company data • Runs in the background for continuous protection App Activation Instructions: This app is for Corporate Plan customers only. The app must be installed and activated via the information sent to you within the SMS message. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

June 14, 2017
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