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AIS WiFi Smart Login application assists you to select and connect to 3G and WiFi networks automatically. It gives you unlimited access to freely enjoy Internet activities, allowing you to search, post and share, using online technology to answer your every demand without service interruption through automatically ‘Smart Login’ access to AIS 3G, AIS WiFi and 3BB WiFi network nationwide. Key features: - Automatic turn on/off WiFi controller – helps you minimize phone energy consumption as it will turn on WiFi when you enter a WiFi service area. - Automatic select WiFi/3G networks – according to your desired policy, whether it is based on giving WiFi a higher priority or the best network performance at a moment. - Automatic login – as it always remembers your username and password to be used next times. - Appropriate transfer of internet connection from 3G to WiFi to optimize your 3G usage cost. - Searching and display AIS WiFi service location in the vicinity.

December 3, 2015
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