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Wake up gently to your favorite music and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme Free! Our smart alarm clock includes features that prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed. It also comes with built-in timer and stopwatch.
Join over 50,000,000 people who have already installed this app! Download the redesigned Alarm Clock Xtreme Free (with timer and stopwatch) NOW
Alarm Clock Xtreme is more than your basic alarm clock. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to wake up in whatever way works for you. ♪ Set your morning alarm to slowly increase in volume and wake you up gently ♪ Use the extra-large snooze button to prevent you from accidentally pressing ‘dismiss’ ♪ Jump-start your brain by solving math problems to snooze/dismiss the alarm ♪ Decrease snooze interval time and set a maximum number of snoozes ♪ Easily deactivate your alarm if you wake up before it goes off. ♪ Use Quick Alarm to speedily set a non-recurring alarm. FEATURES Alarm — Personalize your alarm to never oversleep again! Our alarm clock offers the following dismiss options: screen button, volume buttons, power button, or shaking your phone. Quick Alarm — Set a non-recurring alarm in just a few taps. Upcoming alarm notification — Easily deactivate your alarm if you wake up before it goes off. Timer — Enter required time and start timer. You can set as many timers as you want for activities like exercise, cooking, and more! Stopwatch — Use our simple and reliable stopwatch to keep track of split/lap time and total time down to 1/100 of a second. My day — Display the most important information you need when you wake up, such as the day’s weather forecast and upcoming events synced from your calendar. Reminders – Never forget an important task or event again thanks to our newest feature! ALARM RINGTONE OPTIONS Ringtone — Default ringtones from your device. Music on device — Any music downloaded onto your device can be used as your alarm clock ringtone. Online Radio — Choose from many popular online radio stations, or add your own if your favorite isn’t already on the list. None — Don’t want any sound? Wake up using only vibrations. HOW TO AVOID ACCIDENTALLY DISABLING YOUR ALARM Choose one of the puzzles available in Alarm Clock Xtreme!
Puzzle appears only after you hit the dismiss button. PUZZLE Math — Solve math problems. You get to choose the difficulty level: Easiest, Easy, Medium, Hard, Hardest. If solving one problem isn’t enough, increase the number of problems from 1 up to 5. Password — To turn off the alarm, you must retype the password that appears on the screen. QR/Barcode — Scan any QR code to add it into your code library. Print the QR code and place it far from your bed. When your alarm goes off, you’ll have to scan the QR code to dismiss the alarm. App Launch — Choose an app on your device that will launch after you turn off your alarm. None — If you trust yourself to not hit dismiss or snooze when your alarm goes off, then no puzzle is needed. Reminders (NEW!) - Customize each reminder with name, icon, or ring tone - Set repeat intervals: annually, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or several times a day - Choose a priority for each reminder: decide how urgent each reminder is, and how you want to be reminded With these puzzles you will never oversleep again.
** Important Note: your phone must be on for the alarm to work ** Download Alarm Clock Xtreme Free (with timer and stopwatch) NOW! Alarm Clock Xtreme Free features: ✔ Music alarm – choose your favorite music ✔ Gentle alarm with increasing volume ✔ Quick alarms ✔ Upcoming alarm notifications ✔ Random song alarm ✔ Solve math problem to snooze/disable ✔ Extra-large snooze button ✔ Nap alarm with countdown timer ✔ Decreasing snooze interval after every snooze ✔ Set a maximum number of snoozes ✔ Auto-snooze ✔ Auto-dismiss ✔ Built-in Stopwatch ✔ Built-in Timer ✔ Reminders

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