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Great for Chromecast Set the ambience of your home TV room or surrounding. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance and music with Fireplace. You can play it on your device or for best setting play on your Google Chromecast Device. Connect to Chromecast with one touch icon and then click the thumbnails to choose the settings. AmbyCast Comes with 4 Settings:- 1. Fireplace Suitable for anytime of the year, this installment of Fireplace for Your Home includes our famous old fashioned wood burning fireplace. No music is included, just the original sounds of the crackling and popping of the Fireplace. Make it a tradition in your home to have a Fireplace when entertaining guests or to set the Holiday spirit. 2. Aquarium Big aquarium with whales, sharks and hundreds of fish with soothing ocean music. 3. Snow-globe 4. Waterfall Njoy the waterfall which makes you feel with nature at your home.

January 14, 2020
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