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This Xposed module is made for Xperia 5.0.2 and later. Some options may work on non-Xperia devices. Xposed framework is required for this app. Change values of framework-res.apk: Show description beside icon on action bar Turn off LED when charge completed Don't turn on screen when you plug/unplug Disable warning for big volume Disable volume change sound Skip restoring network mode Don't prefer APN Fix cell standby problem Change minimum brightness level to 5 Disable "Choose input method" notification Disable auto-rotation in dock Allow rotation in lock screen Show menu key in lock screen Don't force camera sound ... and more! Tested with Xperia Z3 5.0.2. Some settings may not work on other device or android version. Please help translating this app to your language! http://translate.androplus.org/collaboration Source https://github.com/AndroPlus-org/AndroPlusMod

March 20, 2016
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