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App Permission Watcher helps you to monitor the permissions used by installed non-system Apps. It warns you about suspicious permission combinations that can be used to compromise privacy or to cause unwanted costs. FEATURES: ★List suspicious Apps ★List all non-system Apps and their permissions ★List all used Permissions and which App uses them ★Homescreen Widget that shows number of Apps and suspicious Apps ★Mark Apps as trustworthy, so that they will not be marked as "suspicious" in the future ★The App does not contain any banner ads. ★the App does not need any permissions. SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: ★English ★German Permission descriptions are available in all languages supported by android. The App menu, buttons and descriptions of suspicious Apps are shown in English. For further information and instructions go to: http://www.apewatch.de Questions and helpful suggestions are highly appreciated. Please send them to: support@apewatch.de Note that an App marked as suspicious is ABLE to use its permissions for undesired actions. This does NOT mean that every App actually uses its permissions for the described actions.

February 5, 2012
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