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App Permission gives you comprehensive list of permissions used by an application and their detailed explanations instantly along with their count. Very simple and best rated! Do you know some of the apps installed on your device can quietly:-
* Cost you money
* Sniff your messages and calls
* Track your locations/places you visit
* Corrupt your system configurations
* Read your contacts
* Drain your battery
App permissions will help you identify all such permissions of an app. How to identify such apps?
Android security model requires a mapping of features used by an app and corresponding permissions. As an example, if an app lets you make phone calls, it will require phone call permission. So, if an app requires a permission for which it does not offer corresponding feature, there is a high possibility that the permission in being misused. As an example, if app uses phone call permission but it does not possess any feature to make calls, possibly the app could be misusing phone call permission and quietly adding burden to your pocket! We recommend you to uninstall such apps. Features: 1. List out System Apps & User apps
2. Comprehensive details about apps installed
3. Filter on permissions
4. Highlighted sensitive permissions
5. Option to delete un-trusted apps
6. Option to launch any app instantly
7. Auto notification of apps installed

December 25, 2015
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