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App Sharer is a perfect application which helps to share applications with your friends. Thanks to this application you can share applications links and apk files. Application properties ★ Sharing application' market links, apk files by Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter etc. ★ Multiple selection and sharing feature, ★ Caching feature (You can disable this feature by choosing 'fast share' on settings), ★ Clean cache now feature, ★ Used cache size on settings, ★ Running selected application feature, ★ Web sharing feature, ★ Blocking web sharing using cellular data feature, ★ Cancelable sharing. * Reseting settings Sharing options a)Apk and Link: Shares google play store url and apk file b)Address: Shares only app url c)QrCode: Shares app's encoded google play store url d)Apk with Expansion files: Shares apps with expansion files e)Copy to folder : Selected apps will copy to selected folder f)Copy to folder with expansion files : Selected apps will copy to selected folder with expansion files Pro properties ★ Sharing apps with expansion files which is apps' size over than 100MB, ★ Moving .obb expansion files to default folder with a smart tool ★ Ad-free, clean usage Buy Pro : http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zeroneapps.uygulamapaylaspro Help Sharing apps You can share apps by selecting apps which you want to share than clicking 'Share selected apps' or clicking an app than selecting 'Share' on opened menu. When you're apps ready for share, you can share by apps which installed on your phone like Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, Facebook, Twitter etc. or you can share over bluetooth with other devices. You can cancel sharing on processing. All sharing options are under the 'other options' menu item. App sharing options Link : You can share apps' google play market url by this feature QRcode : You can share apps' google play market url qrcode by this feature Apk and Link : You can share apps' Apk file and google play market url by this feature Apk with Expansion files : You can share apps' Apk files, expansion files and google play market url by this feature Web sharing : You can share apps by your own app store over web Expansion file Android apps have expansion files other than Apk file which apps' size over than 100MB. This apps could not run without expansion file. You must have expansion file on your phone. Expansion files have obb extension. Moving expansion file 'App Share+ Pro' have a feature to open and move .obb expansion files. After apk file installed you should install obb file before open application. When you select .obb file 'App Share+ Pro' asks 'Do you want to move expansion file to default path?', you should select 'Yes' than moving .obb file start. When moving finished your application ready to start.

August 20, 2019
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