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Over 10 million users’ choice!!! Fast, Safe & Private! APUS Browser is one of the best web browser apps for android, which allows you to FAST download videos from webs, surf latest news freely & private browsing webpages in the incognito browser. This free internet explorer browser app is a full-featured private browser downloader and fast video downloader too. Key Features ⭐Speed Mode
: No more frozen pages, speed up anytime to make fast browser faster ⭐Incognito Browser
: private browsing pages in the private browser ⭐Fast Downloader
: sniff online video sites automatically, fast video downloader ⭐Data Saving
: browse pages without image loading to save mobile data ⭐Multi-Tab Manager
: easily navigate several sites in different tabs simultaneously ⭐Night Mode
: protect eyes while surfing the internet in the internet explorer browser ⭐News App
: Surf latest news in the private browser More about APUS Browser Free Fast Browser
APUS Browser is a free fast browser app for android, giving you smooth browser experience. This free fast browser can smartly predict your browsing needs and allows to fast browse webpages. If you choose “No Image Mode “or “Speed Mode”, this free fast browser can fast load pages without images to make the fast browser even faster, browse the internet at lightning speed. ️ Private Browser Downloader
This internet browser app is also a private browser downloader, you can fast download videos HD or pics with one click in the incognito browser/private browser downloader app. Just enter video sites, then tap “Play” & “Download “button, videos are immediately downloaded, then you can watch the downloaded videos in our built-in HD video player or share videos, and manage your downloads smartly with fast download manager. This free video downloader app always help you fast download videos HD from nearly all sites. You can download videos in different resolution based on your needs. Secure Browser
In the secure browser, if you choose “Incognito Browser Mode”, you can incognito browse pages secretly without leaving any trace. If you navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files, warnings will be showed. Such a private browser/incognito browser and secure browser app! ❤️ Data-saving Browser
APUS Browser is a smart internet explorer web browser app for android. This Internet browser can compress mobile data to save precious MBs and speed up navigation for you. If you download videos in our internet browser app, the internet explorer web browser app can support “download only in WIFI”, such a smart browser to help you save data. Multi-Tab Private Browser
In the private browser app, you can easily switch several sites in different tabs simultaneously, a highly efficient private browser downloader app. Bookmarks
In the Incognito browser/private browser downloader, you can add frequently visited sites to bookmarks so that you can enter sites freely anytime. The private browser downloader is quite handy. Shortcut Websites
The private browser provides various hot sites for you to explore. Besides, in the internet explorer web browser app, you can put your favorite websites like Facebook, YouTube etc., at home page for quick access. Other Features
In the private browser downloader app, you can also change the private browser background into different styles. Switch “Night Mode” to protect eyes and apply different themes to make the private browser look fascinating. Moreover, adblock feature serve as adguard or ad blocker to ensure your smooth browse. Overall, APUS Browser is a powerful internet explorer web browser app, a private browser downloader or video downloader app for you to explore. Never miss downloading such a smart browser or private browser downloader app. Let’s install the high-performance private browser downloader app NOW!

January 17, 2020
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