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Map and share your adventures with the world. Rediscover MyLand! With the Ardhi app from Land Rover, you have the perfect partner to take your off-roading experience to a whole new level. This app has every feature you need when you are on the road looking for adventure in your 4x4 vehicle ñ from finding trails or creating your own, to earning badges for accomplishments. FEATURES 1. Plan and create your own unique path, or travel down paths created by your friends, and rate them based on how difficult and enjoyable each path is. 2. Earn badges for your accomplishments, and share them for everyone to see. 3. Use the Flare feature when youíre in trouble and need a hand. 4. Save all the videos and pictures you take during your trips, share them on social media and tag your friends. 5. Traversing unknown terrain can be risky. Get survival tips that can help you face worst-case scenarios, whether youíre crossing wadis or dune bashing. 6. Import and Export paths in GPX and KML formats from/to external navigation devices. 7. Manage your battery consumption based on your path accuracy settings.

February 18, 2020
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