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Audioteka is a free app, where you can buy audiobook (audiobook in mp3 format, audio book, book to listen to) directly from the app. We offer you a possibility to buy, download and listen to bestsellers wherever you are. Thanks to “Your Shelf” option you can have your purchased audiobooks always with you. In the app you can find many audiobooks e.g. classics, modern, for children, poetry and many more. Download our app on all your devices and discover audiobooks by trying out Free Chapter (gratis part of the book). Listen to books: - during travelling (by car, by plane, by bus) - at the gym (jogging, fitness, bike) - while relaxing Our app allows you to have easy access to your shelf with audiobooks, downloading them at any time, comfortable listening to and buying your favourite bestsellers and searching a catalogue with free chapters. Visit our website: http://www.audioteka.co.uk/

October 30, 2019
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