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Check your personal finances and get the best mobile banking experience with Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic: Central America´s best digital banking app in 2019 according to World Finance. Thanks to the new and friendlier design, with Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic
, checking your balances, making transfers and paying bills is just a touch away. DISCOVER MORE ABOUT BANCA MÓVIL BAC CREDOMATIC AND ITS FEATURES Consolidated balances:
[+] Easily check the balance of all your bank accounts, credit cards, saving goals, loans, retirement and investment funds on one screen. [+] Quickly access the details of your products. Bank accounts:
[+] Check details and movements of your accounts. [+] Share your account number easily from the "I Want To" option. [+] Use the "I Want To" option to transfer money, pay services, share your bank account details, open saving goals and change the PIN of your card. [+] See recent purchases of your debit card [+] Check retained transactions. Credit Cards:
[+] View your recent transactions, and your month transactions (bank statement) in the same screen. [+] Check payment due dates. [+] See due amounts. [+] Pay your credit card using your bank accounts. [+] Check your loyalty program and your earned points. [+] Check "today's payments". [+] Check recent purchases. [+] Check the available balance for withdrawal at an ATM. Transfers:
[+] Transfer money from your own accounts to other BAC accounts. [+] Transfer funds to other banks by SINPE or ACH. (1) [+] Transfer funds through SINPE Móvil (only Costa Rica users). [+] Save frequent transfer destinations as favorites. [+] Share the transfer result through third-party messaging applications (WhatsApp). [+] Include up to three recipients in the email notification. Cardless withdrawals:
[+] Use the cardless withdrawal option to generate a secure PIN from Banca Móvil to withdraw money from ATM. [+] See historical and pending withdrawals. Contactless payments:
[+] Tap to pay using your phone instead of a credit card at contactless payment machine. [+] Activate and manage contactless payment option [+] Configure the credit card you want to associate on contactless payment option. [+] Manage settings of the phone and / or card associated with the contactless function. Saving Goals:
[+] Open new goal accounts. (2) [+] Create new scheduled saving goals. [+] See the movements associated with the savings. Loans:
[+] Check the balance of personal loans, mortgages and leasing. [+] Pay your loans from your mobile device. Retirement and investment funds:
[+] Check the balance of your retirement pension funds. (3) [+] Check the balance of your investment funds and certificates of deposit. (4) Other functions:
[+] Enable biometric login using Fingerprint. [+] Make approvals of joint transactions. [+] Change your Online Banking password. [+] View the exchange rate. [+] Change PIN of your debit or credit cards. [+] Contact us via WhatsApp by accessing the "More" menu. [+] Contact us through "Call customer service". [+] Toggle language between Spanish and English. [+] We want to hear what do you think about the App! We've added a link for you to send us comments or suggestions. (1): Coming soon for El Salvador. (2): Except for El Salvador. (3): Only for Costa Rica and Honduras. (4): Only for Costa Rica. Requirements for optimal operation:
[+] The new Banca Móvil version requires Android 6.0 or higher. [+] It is important to have the latest version of the "Google Chrome" app installed and updated. [+] Admission to Mobile Banking requires a username and password. If your device is not compatible, you can use sucursalelectronica.com from your web browser. If you want to suggest improvements, write us at bancamovil@baccredomatic.com. If you are enjoying Banca Móvil, please help others enjoy it as well with a 5-star review. Thank you!

March 9, 2020
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