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Bat Messenger is the most secure messaging app in the world. Bat Messenger uses asymmetric cryptography algorithm to secure all messages! Prikey will guard the privacy of messages and it is only stored in users' phone. You can change it at any time. Bat Messenger will distribute each user a random Bat ID. Every file and email sent with Bat Messenger is end-to-end encrypted,ensuring all aspects of security. Technique features: 1. Encrypt techniques: It adapts encrypt techniques like ECC、AES256、RSA、ECDSA and so on which make Bat Messenger the most secure instant communication application. 2. Message encryption: The client generates an ECDHE public and private key, and generates an AES256 key for encryption and decryption through an asymmetric encryption key. 3. Login encryption: The user's login password and lock screen passcode are all based on the SRP algorithm, and User' password will not be uploaded and stored on Bat Messenger sever. 4. Server database encryption: Server database information verifies an ECDSA signature. It protects the data stored in database from being accessed by others with potentially malicious intentions. 5. Client database encryption: Client database security is double encrypted. Any third party cannot read your message. 6. Excellent anonymity: Your registration doesn't need any personal information and access your contacts, and Bat Messenger will distribute each user a random Bat ID. 7. Anti-data recovery: Retract single chat record or retract all messages between Bat Messenger users without time limit. The operation is unrecoverable. App features: 1. Chat features: You can send and receive text, picture, file, audio and video in multiple platforms. 2. Retract all:Bat Messenger will retract all chat record from both you and the opponent user's device. 3. Anonymous group chats:Bat Messenger will distribute each member a random new user name. Member's personal information is unviewable. 4. Temporary chat:Join it by scanning the QR code. 5. Burn after reading & Screen capture reminder. 6. Destroy password: Enter your destroy password on the lock screen to destroy Bat account during an emergency. 7. Anonymous social media systems such as "Discover" and "Channel" coming soon. Official Website:https://bat.me/ Following us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BatMessengerApp/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bat_messenger Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/batmessenger/

February 18, 2020
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