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Free basic version of Battery Notifier Pro BT with no ads! Colored status bar numbers to easily monitor battery levels Full and low battery alarm notification features NOTICE: Battery Notifier BT Free is NOT 100% compatible with Android 10. Only sound alerts may work. It works with Android versions up to and including Android 9. We are working on an update, Battery Notifier BT Free 2020, which will be compatible with Android 10 and which should be out soon. Google Play is the only place authorized to carry our apps If you installed an apk from some other site and are getting popups or ads, the app has been altered and might have malware If you think you might have installed an apk with malware see: Help! I Can't Uninstall Your App! https://batterynotifierpro.blogspot.com/2018/04/help-i-cant-uninstall-your-app.html Copycats! Back in 2011 when I co-developed Battery Notifier BT Free (Battery Notifier Big Text at the time) and Battery Notifier Pro BT with my programming partner, there was only one app with the name Battery Notifier which was created by my partner. Now there seems to be all kinds of apps with the name Battery Notifier. To be certain you have the original apps, with no ads whatsoever, only download them from Google Play and make sure the developer is Shkil/larryvgs. Features in Battery Notifier BT Free... * Arial font in official Android colors (optional black background) * Original green color option (transparent icon only) * Privacy concerns? Only three permissions and no ads! * Low and Full battery alarms with repeat intervals * Mute alerts (Postpone alarms) * Battery temp (C or F), health, and "plugged/unplugged since" info in dashboard * Charging icons - Smiley or battery level * Full charge icons - Smiley with sunglasses or battery * Display colors you want at the levels you want Battery Notifier BT Free is one of the lightest apps available with a battery level indicator in the status bar that puts the least possible strain on your battery. Posts at http://batterynotifierpro.blogspot.com/ New Android 10 Apps Coming Soon! Important Notice Regarding Add-ons Copycats! Help! I Can't Uninstall Your App! Most Frequently Asked Questions Recommended Antivirus and Privacy Apps Some Free Apps Aren't Free Having a problem with Battery Notifier BT Free 2.1.15? See our most Frequently Asked Questions at: https://batterynotifierpro.blogspot.com/2017/01/most-frequently-asked-questions.html If you can't find an answer there, e-mail us at bnbtfree@gmail.com and we'll try to help. Please be aware questions left in comments when rating the app or asked elsewhere might be overlooked. (Please allow us time to respond as we are busy these days.) If you like Battery Notifier BT Free, please consider supporting the developers by purchasing Battery Notifier Pro BT. Battery Notifier Pro BT has... Numerous custom colored status bar numbers to easily monitor battery levels Roboto HD and bright ArialXL-b HD fonts with optional black background included Battery alarm notifications with features and options not found in other apps Privacy concerns? Only three permissions and no ads! Many FREE HD add-on themes, many with brighter add-on numbers Features only in Battery Notifier Pro BT... * HD add-on themes including Percent HD add-ons with the percent sign * Neon HD add-ons - All fuchsia, all purple, all yellow, all orange, all red from 100 to zero * Animated charging icons More features only in Battery Notifier Pro BT... * Charger connection and disconnection alerts * Wireless charger support * Notification Priority option (Change position of status bar icon (left or right) and notification in drawer (higher or lower) In Battery Notifier Pro BT... * Custom full charge notification percentage (70% to 100%) * Play sound notifications in a loop * Quiet hours (Mute alarms at certain hours) * Various vibration lengths * LED notifications (supported devices only) * Repeat notifications as frequently as every 2 minutes

June 7, 2017
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