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BeTrains is the most useful tool for people travelling by Train in Belgium. A perfect match between a simple application of route planner and timetables, and beetween a communicative and social network oriented platform! So many features! Give it a try: * Route planner: The easiest way to travel by train in Belgium. * Real time information! * Social networks: Twitter is your friend, and gives you all the real-time user information (using #SNCB, #NMBS, #BeTrains hastags) * Included chat: allow you to communicate with all the Android people in your train. A very cool tool if you are alone on your seat and want to meet people. * Traffic issues: get all the issues in the train network. * Get the closest station! Once you got it, launch Google Maps, or Navigation (need Android 1,6 or higher) PHOTOS: Temse: Céline Ukkel-Kalevoet/Uccle-Calevoet: Maximilien Mertens Jette: Nico Chatelet: Marcos Walcourt: Marcos Vilvoorde: A secret user Other: Sorry if I forget you, just tell me the name you want to see here (real name, pseudo, anonymously..) and I will add it. Unofficial application!

January 13, 2020
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