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Never forget to pay a bill on time with this app and get away from late payment fees. Simply add all your bills to this app and it will remind you to pay the bills on time. Features. * Non cluttered user interface * Get the reminders exactly at the date and time you want * Add new bills very easily * Bill analytic graphs. Know what costs you more * View all upcoming, paid and overdue bills * Supports recurring bills * Supports backup and restore. (You can easily upgrade your phone without loosing anything) * Add, modify, delete bill categories * Built in calculator to easily enter bill value * Totally free. Not a trial * Ad free * No need to start the app after a reboot * Sync bills across multiple devices. Your bills get backed up in cloud and synced across all your devices. If you get a new device, you can effortlessly migrate your bills to the new device. (In app purchase)

June 5, 2016
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